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January 18, 2012

PetSafe® Expert

Stacie Greene

The World According to Cooper: New Plans for a New Year!

By Stacie Greene, Supply Chain Specialist at PetSafe

Cooper is looking forward to even more loads of fun in 2012!!

Hi everybody! It’s me, Cooper.  I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season and is excited to start a brand new year.  I know I am. Now I am 1 whole year old and on to year #2. There are going to be some really exciting happenings in The World According to Cooper this year.

Last year, I spent the majority of my year learning good behavior.  I learned not to go potty in the house.  I learned I have to be quiet at my mom’s work … I’m still working on that one.  I learned that walking on a leash opens up a whole new world of freedom. There are some things that my mom is still trying to teach me though. She is trying to convince me horses and cows do not make good playmates, and we are still working on my “inside” voice. She also says rabbit poop is not a delicacy, and I’m still trying to make good choices everyday with the things I’ve already learned.

I know there is more to learn this year, but what I am really hoping for is some excitement and a lot more playtime. I think my New Year’s resolution is to travel to other places, where I can practice the good behavior I learned in my first year. I really hope my mom and me can take some road trips. I want to put my paws in this stuff I heard about, it’s called sand! 

I saw some people on TV talking about this place called the beach, where sand lives, and I would really like to visit it. They looked so happy.  I want to go to the mountains. I can see them out the car windows when my mom and I are driving.  I also want to go downtown here in Knoxville and eat ice cream on Market Square.  That isn’t too far, so hopefully we’ll make it! I have seen so many new things on TV, and my friends talk to me all the time (sometimes I get in trouble for talking back too much).

That’s how I learn about all these places and they sound like so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life.  I get to play all the time. I have great friends and am really grateful for everything that I have.  But, I am a little boy and I want some adventure in my life!!  I want to go new places and see new things.  I just know 2012 will be jam packed with adventure.  Stay tuned, everyone, for what comes next in The World According to Cooper! It is going to be one fun year!


ABOUT STACIE Stacie Greene is a Supply Chain Specialist for PetSafe, head quartered in Knoxville, TN. She works to manage part of a global supply chain to deliver the best possible products for our customers. She has a BS in Operations Management, and 14 years experience in procurement, supply chain management and strategic sourcing. Her Lhasa apso, Cooper, logs the same hours at the office as Stacie. She volunteers with the Most Pet Friendly Community initiative that has a mission of making Knoxville, Tennessee the most pet friendly community in America.

Written by

Stacie Greene

Stacie Greene

PetSafe® Supply Chain Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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