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June 21, 2013

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The Guide to Working with Your Dog

By Robin Rhea, Senior PetSafe Brand Manager take your dog to work day

Robin brings either Finn or Buckley to the office almost every day. In fact, both usually work a half day as she switches them out during lunch.

One of the many wonderful benefits of working at PetSafe is that every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Having dogs at work (it doesn’t even have to be your own dog) makes for a fun environment, requires us to take-a-break to walk our dogs, and helps us be in a better state of mind to do our work.

I take my pups to work nearly every day and we love it – most of the time. Some days are more stressful than others. To get the benefits of having your dog at work, it helps to take a few precautions to ensure the work day is rewarding for everyone.

Know your dog. How does your dog handle lots of smells, meeting new dogs, and new environments? If you have a dog that is aggressive towards people and/or other dogs or tends to get stressed with new places, it’s best to them “work from home.”

Keep it professional. As your dog is experiencing your work place and lots of people and dogs, watch for signs of stress, ears down, tail tucked, raised hackles, showing teeth, lip licking, or growling. If you see these signs, your dog is not having a good day.  You may need to reduce as many of the stimuli in the environment, take them out for a walk, or possibly take them home.

Replace the coffee break with a potty break. Take your pet out every 2 hours to avoid accidents. Remember to give positive reinforcement to your dog when they potty outside; use words of praise, petting, and treats to reinforce the behavior.  Plan for these breaks as you are laying out your schedule for the work day. take your dog to work day

Henry is one of our hard working office dogs. Here he peeks over his desk to say, "Get back to work!"

Around the water cooler, make sure your dog has access to water but also consider their water intake when you plan for potty breaks.

Stock up on “office” supplies.  Provide appropriate chews and toys for your dog.  Check around your work area for items that your dog may pick up or chew and remove them.

We hope you will encourage your company to participate in Take Your Dog To Work day if they don’t already.

If you follow these steps, and pay attention to your dog’s needs while you are at the office, you’ll find the moral going up for all of your fellow associates, whether they have two or four legs.

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