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The best way to corral your pal: PetSafe® containment systems

April 26, 2019

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The best way to corral your pal: PetSafe® containment systems

What is the best pet fence option for you?

You can give your dog freedom and independence and still be a master of his domain with PetSafe® wireless and underground pet fences.

What fence is right for you and your faithful friend? Some PetSafe® fences are in-ground and some are wireless; some are portable and some are best for headstrong dogs. Here’s a quick primer on choosing a pet containment fence that will keep your dog safe and secure and deliver peace of mind all at the same time.

Ease of installation

There’s no doubt that building a physical, traditional fence is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. It can take days or weeks and cost a pretty penny. Sure, you could do it yourself, but what are three weekends worth to you and your family? Even within the world of DIY PetSafe® wireless fences and in-ground fences, some are easier to install than others.

Our simplest option is the Stay and Play Wireless Fence®. It can be installed in one to two hours, and training can be completed in about two weeks. Our YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence™ can be installed in about a day with the help of a friend or family member. The size of the area you want to secure will dictate how long it takes to install other in-ground fence options.

Yard size

A prime consideration in choosing the best containment system for your dog is the size of your yard. The Stay and Play Wireless Fence® can cover up to ¾ acre and is a great option if you have a smaller yard. If your property is larger, has odd topography or is drastically sloped and you want the best and newest fence technology for medium to large yards, your best bet might be the YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence™, which can cover up to 1.4 acres. Other options, such as our PetSafe® In-Ground Fence™, can work for much larger yards or entire properties up to 25 acres. In-ground fences also offer the best options for customization if you want to keep your furry friend out of a garden, pool or pond but still give him room to roam.

Dog size and temperament

Another key to choosing the right in-ground or wireless containment fence for your needs is the size of your dog and its temperament. Our Little Dog In-Ground Fence™ offers correction levels appropriate for a small dog. Some of our wireless and in-ground fences feature gradually ascending levels of correction to get and keep the attention of an especially head-strong dog. If you have multiple dogs, they can all be contained in your yard if they have individual collars compatible with whatever fence option you choose.

Power supply

Most in-ground fences rely on a separate power supply originating from a home or garage. One of the best attributes of the YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence™ is the fact it operates on 10 D-cell batteries that provide power for nine to 12 months. This means you don’t have to drill a hole in your wall to run an electrical cord and the faux rock transmitter blends in with your landscaping.

Wireless transmitters need to be set up in a specific area of a home or garage depending on the containment perimeter you want to establish. Check out our handy dog fence planning tool  for options on where you can place your Stay and Play Wireless Fence® to provide the coverage area you want.


Both the YardMax® Cordless In-Ground Fence and Stay and Play Wireless Fence® systems are portable for camping and use in vacation homes. There’s no bigger downer while enjoying the great outdoors than a nasty dog fight or losing your dog to the sights, sounds and wonders of nature.

PetSafe® has multiple options to help corral your pal. You’ll both enjoy the freedom found within the confines of our wireless or in-ground containment options.

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