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The 9 best cat gifts for your pretty kitty this Christmas
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November 17, 2022

PetSafe® Expert

Rob Hunter

Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for Cats

Your cat may be content to bat tree ornaments and wrestle with wrapping paper but show the little lion some love this holiday season. The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. Jack Frost is cat-nipping at your nose, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your favorite feline. Check out our complete cat holiday gift collection for a full range of options. PetSafe® has you covered with presents that your cat (and you!) will love.

cat and laser toy

1. Dancing Dot™ Laser Cat Toy

Even the most aloof and elegant felines still love to play! Give the gift of holiday laser play with this interactive laser cat toy that provides hours of fun for you and your cat. You can hang the Dancing Dot™ from an elevated spot like a doorknob or place it on a flat surface like the mantel. The unpredictable laser display prompts stalking, pouncing and frenzied play! It automatically times out after 15 minutes of play so your kitty won’t wear herself out, and the optional Play-All-Day mode turns the toy on every couple hours to add some fun to your cat’s day, even when you’re busy with holiday shopping. This kind of play provides a great mental and physical workout for your cat.

2. ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

PetSafe® can’t make your Christmas poop-free, but we can make it ScoopFree®. It’s the next best thing. Let’s face it: Scooping stinks, and it’s a task no cat parent relishes. The newest generation of PetSafe® self-cleaning litter boxes dries urine and rakes dried solids into a waste trap so you don’t have to see, smell or scoop the little “gifts” your cat leaves behind. The ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box can make scooping a ghost of Christmas past. 

3. Peek-a-Bird™ Interactive Cat Toy

The Peek-a-Bird™ Electronic Cat Toy is designed to engage your cat’s predator instincts to keep her entertained. The toy activates a feather bundle when cats approach and the feathers shake and alternate between holes to keep your cat on her toe beans! The Peek-a-Bird™ has two automatic modes for brief or extended playtime and encourages physical and mental fitness when pet parents are away.

4. Butterfly Pet Fountain

Does your cat ever sip from the dripping faucet? Cats are known to prefer moving water. Though cats are picky about the water they drink, they still need around 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day to stay hydrated, healthy and happy. It can be especially difficult to monitor your cat’s water intake during the hectic holiday season. The Butterfly Pet Fountain is the perfect solution for healthy hydration, offering fresh, filtered, flowing water for your cat 24/7. The removable top can produce four free-falling streams, or it can be removed for a single, quiet water stream if your cat prefers. In addition, you can get a set of seasonal toppers to match your décor from one holiday to the next, making this a cute cat gift that promotes better health throughout the year.

automatic pet feeder

5. Come With Me Kitty™ Cat Harness & Leash

Do you ever wish your cat could tag along with you everywhere you go? The Come With Me Kitty™ is a special leash + harness combo that’s designed especially for a cat’s needs. The adjustable harness is made for a comfortable, custom fit to keep your cat from slipping out, and the leash is a stretchy bungee design that absorbs pulling pressure so it’s gentle on your cat, even if she decides to bolt after a bird! This harness & leash combo is a perfect stocking stuffer for any adventurous kitties on your list.

6. Cheese Interactive Cat Toy

Food is a big part of the holidays, but why should mice get all the cheese? Level the cheese board with the fun Cheese Cat Toy. Two mice pop out of each side of the cheese to engage your cat in a game of whack-a-mouse. Cats will twitch their tails and love the thrill of the hunt as they wait for the mice to reappear. The Play-While-Away mode allows for spontaneous kitty vs. mice matches throughout the day.

7. Laser Tail Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Make your floor space a play place with the Laser Tail Cat Toy. This mobile toy trails an irresistible laser pattern behind as it moves unpredictably across the floor, enticing your cat to stalk, chase and pounce. Give the gift of a great physical and mental workout for your cat and watch the romp begin on Christmas morning.

8. Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

The holidays are a wonderful time to take a break from busy work schedules to spend time with family, enjoy festive traditions, and, for many of us… to sleep in! But if you’re a devoted cat parent, the precious gift of morning snoozes can be interrupted by a hungry howling feline family member. The Smart Feed is the perfect preventative for early morning meowing. This automatic feeder connects to your smartphone so you can schedule meals in advance and feed your cat any time, from anywhere. This means no missed meals and no hungry cat requesting breakfast at the crack of dawn – a gift that everyone can appreciate!

cat and water fountain

9. Microchip Cat Door

Give your cat the gift of freedom for her convenience and yours. Our Microchip Cat Door can be set to recognize your cat’s microchip to restrict visits from strays and other animals. (Nobody wants an uninvited raccoon or opossum sampling the eggnog!) Microchipped cats can come and go as they please, freeing pet parents and their felines for more quality time. The door can be programmed to read up to 40 different microchips or, for cats who aren’t microchipped, you can also get programmable collar keys that work the same way. A manual four-way lock gives you complete control of access, and a draft excluder increases energy efficiency so you can save money for more Christmas presents for your pets.

Every cat deserves the happiest and healthiest of holidays. No matter how you celebrate, make this year one to remember for your cat with a little help from PetSafe®. Happy Holidays from our furry family to yours!

Written by

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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