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November 5, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Jessie McDowell

Thanksgiving for Your Furry Family

fe11b63cd00ae26f7dc5170b6d372d98Movies paint the picture so well. The family is gathered around the table preparing to pass the potatoes when, out of the blue, the family pet jumps up and steals a turkey leg off the table. Everyone gasps and pushes their chairs back in unison, shocked at their ruined feast. Don’t let that movie scene be you this year. There are so many things you can do to prepare your pets for the influx of food and family this holiday season. Your family members should enjoy the company of your pet, not fear the repercussions of your pet’s actions. And your family’s pets they bring along? There are also solutions to make sure Aunt Susan’s cat is right at home when she visits. Here are three common furry family concerns you can fix before you pass the potatoes.

Doggie Dramaavailable at

Available at[/caption] Begging pups are going to happen. What would you do if you couldn’t have the turkey on your plate? It’s a natural occurrence, but aggressively stealing food is when it becomes not okay. If you are concerned your pet might bug grandma or sneak food off your cousin’s plate when he turns his head, you may need a barrier between your pet and your plate. Try the Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier to give you a space about 5 feet in diameter of protection. Your pet will wear a collar that produces a static correction when they enter the off-limits zone. The correction will deter them from invading your space or your table.

House Guests

Introducing your pets to your Aunt’s cat can be a task. You may want to try having them in two separate designated spaces for the first part of her trip. Make sure your pets still have their normal areas to keep their routine, but block off a special space for her pet and to allow them to to get used to each other. Introduce them in short time periods, while making their time together fun (hint: toys and treats).

Never leave the pets alone together. It’s a recipe for disaster. If you slowly introduce the pets, everyone has more time to adjust. If they don’t get along, give them their space, you know, like how you deal with your in-laws.

Stuffed as a Turkey A ScatMat is also a great option to protect your counters.

If you are like me, your family doesn’t adhere to the “No human food for the pets” philosophy. As Fido visits each house guest, you can bet that at least half of them will give him a handout. If you aren’t a strict mom, that’s fine, but if you have a hefty pup like I do, you may need to set some ground rules. I tell everyone as soon as they get to the house my pet is watching his weight. If they would like to give a treat, that’s fine, just make sure it is on his diet list. I give them the appropriate treats and a limit, like two a day, so at least he gets a little something extra. I can’t promise they won’t pass him food under the table, but at least you tried. Something unexpected will always happen when you have family together. At least this year you can be ready for a few common holiday hazards.

Written by

Jessie McDowell

Jessie McDowell

PetSafe® Marketing Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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