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November 13, 2011

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Protect Your Puppy and the Potluck: Thanksgiving Pet Proofing Advice

By Lindsey Hughes, PetSafe Content Specialist

 It’s almost your pet’s favorite time of year! No, not summer. I’m talking about the holiday season. With Thanksgiving feasts just around the corner, we’re sure your pal’s mouth is already watering. Just think about all that delicious turkey and pie your dog is going to try to devour. Even your curious cat might try her hand at jumping into a side dish or two!

But, it’s not just food your pets are excited about. The holiday season also brings an array decoration and tons of new smells and sounds. While this time of year is obviously exciting, it can also be quite dangerous. Tasty treats, decorations, and festivities can led to an emergency holiday trip to the vet. Knowing how to protect your pet is your first line of defense this season. Here are some tips on how you can pet proof your home this month!

The Kitchen

The most obvious place your pet will stake out is the kitchen. While you’re working away creating a culinary masterpiece, he’s waiting for you to look away so he can chow down! To prevent your pet from jumping up on your counters and stealing your perfectly roasted turkey, line your counters with a ScatMat. When your pal’s paws touch the mat he’ll receive a slight static pulse and jump down. You can also protect your kitchen, and other rooms in your home with a spray barrier. These barriers detect your pet’s movement and spray a burst of air at your pet when he tries to enter.

cat proofThe Table

When you have food out, the best way to protect your pet, and your delicious feast, is to keep your pal in a separate room. This is especially important if you’ve invited several friends to enjoy your masterpiece. The more people eating, the greater the chance someone is going to drop something potentially hazardous. Next week, we’ll highlight some foods that are okay to feed your pet in very small portions and let you know which table scraps can really harm your pet.


Use common sense when it comes to candles. If you are looking to create a cozy atmosphere but your pet seems to be Spiderman’s apprentice, battery operated candles are your new best friend. While they may not be as pretty, a fire won’t start if your climber knocks one over! If candles are essential to warming your home this Thanksgiving, there are a few options to protect your pet and home. If you can’t keep your pet away from the candles by closing a door or putting up a gate you may want to try an indoor pet barrier. Setting circular boundaries of up to 12 feet in diameter, place this near your candles to keep your pal away!

Spend November being thankful for your pet, and protect them from the dangers the holiday may bring. What is your best tactic for keeping your furry friend safe during the big meal?

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