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agility training

June 20, 2011

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Taking Playtime to the Next Level

How agility training helps you and your dog reach your full potential

It’s not often that you see a dog that can leap over 10-foot hurdle, fly through rings or expertly weave through narrow poles. In fact, you may have only seen them on television or in the movies. The moves look so intricate and perfect that it may seem impossible to ever teach your dog to do the same.

However, with a bit of patience and consistency, your pal can become a Lord of the Ring in no time! Most dogs love two things: playing and you! Agility training combines the best of both of these worlds. Your dog gets the exercise he craves and the two of you have the opportunity to deepen your bond as you spend time practicing. Plus, you won’t just be having fun. You’ll also transform your pal into a more confident, fit, playful dog.

Agility gives him a job other than barking like crazy

Many dogs were originally bred to work-herding sheep, rooting out rodents, hunting fowl. With out a “job,” certain breeds can become bored or develop behavioral issues. As we’ve said before, many dogs develop annoying habits, such as barking, digging, destroying furniture, because they are not getting enough exercise. Your dog’s barking may be his way of screaming that he needs to play!  And what better way to play than to make him feel important and confident with his new “job.” It isn’t the easiest job in the world, but even learning agility basics will leave him happier and more obedient.

It gives your pet a makeover

You don’t have to get to an advanced level of training to see a difference in your dog. Teaching your pal simple tricks like running through a closed or open tunnel will help him shed excess weight. Combine daily training with a healthy eating schedule, in a few weeks you will have a healthier, more obedient and coordinated dog.

If your dog is well enough to move onto more intermediate training, ring and bar jumping, you’ll see his confidence grow and find that his ability to trust and communicate with you has increased. If you decided to go on to the advanced stage, weave poles, your dog will be a master of speed, accuracy and will have a better understanding of problem solving and obedience.

Even you benefit from training

Your dog isn’t the only one that will undergo a makeover. Agility training takes time, concentration and consistency on your part. It is physical and can be demanding. While teaching your buddy to race through tunnels, leap and weave you’ll be moving right along with him. This means you’ll probably shed a few pounds and become more agile as well!

Not only will your body transform, but so will your mind. Agility training is a great why to improve your mind. The amount of concentration and patience you will have to exhibit will help you handle stressful situations that may come up in life. Plus, if you can teach a dog to jump through hoops, what can’t you do?

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