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June 1, 2012

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Pitch a Tent with Your Pet

By Natalie Lester, Brand Marketing Specialist

Natalie should probably wait a little longer before Emma is ready for a camping trip, but your pet may be ready! Be sure you have all the equipment you'll need before you hit the road.

Camping with your dog can be fun if you're well prepared.Last month, Laura wrote about taking your pets hiking. As the weather continues to heat up and your kids get out of school, you may consider a weekend camping trip over a long weekend. After all, what’s better than a day at the lake and an evening with your fingertips covered in roasted marshmallows? And, what could make that weekend even better – your pet, of course!

But before you head out to your favorite camping spot, be sure you check the location’s regulations to be sure they are pet friendly. Also, add the pet camping gear below to be sure your pet has as much fun as you do:

Identification Tags: Even though your pet probably has tags on their collar with their name, your name, and contact information, it can be helpful (and inexpensive) to have one made for the weekend with the campground information in case they go missing and you are without cell signal. You can include the dates you are at the site and the specific spot you are staying so your dog can be returned to you. It is also smart to include the phone number of the site’s office.

Leash: This may seem obvious, but it’s also great to remember to bring a second one just in case. You never know when your first one will go missing or get broken, and you want to be able to keep your pup close when you need to, especially when camping or hiking.

Stay + Play or other wireless containment system: PetSafe Wireless Containment systems can set boundaries for your pet to stay within your backyard at home, but you can also take the system with you to use at the campground. Your pet will stay in the boundary you set for him and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Bedding: Even though you are okay being away from your house for the weekend, your dog may miss home. Bring along his bed and blankets he sleeps with every night to comfort him – and throw in some of his favorite toys too!

Booties: Just as you will protect your feet from what-may-be the rocky terrain, you want to protect your pooch’s paw pads too! You can buy some dog booties to protect his feet so they don’t get injured and he can keep up with you.

Food and water: With all the extra fun and energy, your dog will certainly need more food and water than usual. A Hydro-Go Pet Canteen is a great way to be sure your pet stays hydrated and energized on your trip. A Lickety Stik is also a perfect on-the-go treat!

Towel: You never know when your pet will decide to go for a swim. Even if you don’t think you’ll be anywhere near water, bring one just in case because nothing is worse than your soaking wet dog rolling in the mud before climbing in your truck to head home. You may also want to throw in a dog brush if your pet’s fur tangles easy.

First aid kit: No one wants to think about their pet getting hurt while on a little vacation, but we’d rather be safe than sorry. You can read this past post on what goes best in this kit.

Will you be pitching a tent for your pet this summer? Stay tuned for a guest post from a PetSafe associate who just loves to camp with her dog.


ABOUT NATALIE As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.

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