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September 15, 2013

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PetSafe Names Editor in Chief of Paw Print Blog

By Robin Hawn Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

I have the great privilege of teaching a class on Presentation Skills as a part of our internal continuing education program here at PetSafe. My students and I share a good bit about ourselves during the class. I get to know many people within the company that I might not meet or know as well as I do through the class. A few months ago, the Editor in Chief of the Paw Print Blog took my class and completely blew me away. Of course she wasn’t our Editor in Chief yet, but Sarah Folmar made an impression on me in the class that would pave the way toward this exciting announcement.  Everything about how Sarah presented herself, her past experience, education and passion for the brand made it obvious that she had a lot to creatively contribute to our brand mission.  It was a great opportunity to get a completely unbiased view of Sarah’s skills. Within a few weeks of the class, and after some fun strategy conversations, I found I was poring over Sarah’s blog while excitedly discussing her many ideas for our blog and brand. I was a like a puppy in a dog park since I was so thrilled to start implementing Sarah’s vision for the Paw Print Blog.   Her close connection to people and pets combined with her commitment to excellent quality made Sarah a great fit at PetSafe when she began her career a year ago. She quickly rose through the ranks in PetSafe’s Customer Care, receiving multiple promotions before joining the Marketing team. Sarah's journalism background, gift for writing, deep love of pets and track record at PetSafe makes her an exceptional addition to our brand team. Welcome our new Editor in Chief of the Paw Print Blog, Sarah Folmar pictured here with son Dylan and pets Sheeba and Tyson

Welcome our new Editor in Chief of the Paw Print Blog, Sarah Folmar, pictured above with son, Dylan, and pets, Sheeba and Tyson.

As a brand new mom of nine-week-old, Dylan, and pups, Sheeba and Tyson, Sarah shares the unique perspective of a blended household of human and fur babies with many moms. Sarah also brings a clinical perspective on animal care having spent two years of her career providing social media, marketing and customer care to vet clinics in the East Tennessee area. She has successfully managed a variety of publications, and we welcome her and everything she will bring to the Paw Print Blog as its Editor in Chief.  

Sarah will be focusing on driving the PetSafe Paw Print Blog to exceed the expectations of our consumers by providing content that empowers our readers to enjoy even more best moments with their pets.  It’s inspiring to see the many creative approaches that Sarah is already cooking-up for the pleasure of pets and owners everywhere.  It marks a new beginning for PetSafe and how we service our customers and their pets that is sure to leave tails wagging.

Join me in welcoming Sarah to the Paw Print Blog dog house, and stay tuned for even more best moments brought to you by PetSafe at the hand of our new Paw Print Blog Editor!

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