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September 12, 2014

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Our Favorite Cat Videos

We had posted a blog about our favorite videos that included some of our canine companions, and the obvious question was asked: What about the cats?! Well readers, fret no more, as we bring you the best videos featuring our favorite furry feline friends!

3) The PetSafe® 2-Meal Automatic Feeder video: Have you ever felt guilty about leaving your pet at home while you are at work or happen to be away for more time than usual? This awesome feeder lets you set a timer up to 48 hours in advance. If you have a cat that has issues with portion control, you can measure out the appropriate amount of food you'd like to feed your cat, as opposed to the free-feeding option that can lead to pet obesity.

2) The Holiday to Remember video: Ok, ok. You saw some dogs in this video, but we had so much fun bringing this video to you that we couldn't leave it off the list. It certainly wasn't easy to coordinate a shoot with two dogs and a cat, but all of our talent did a fantastic job!

1) The PetSafe® Fountain video: And our favorite is our favorite for a reason! Just check out the video below to see why. Can you imagine anything cuter than a set with these adorable cats? If you don't already have a PetSafe fountain, what are you waiting for? You can give your pet freshly-filtered drinking water, with less fill ups to his water bowl throughout the day! This fountain shoot was even better because of the talent that was brought in. Read more about these special kitties here.

So there you have it. Our favorite cat videos! Which one was your favorite?  

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