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Maryville, MO

Location of proposed dog park:

1407 N. Country Club Road, Suite 200

About this community:

Maryville is a rural community in northwest Missouri. With a population of 10,633, Maryville is also home to Northwest Missouri State University, with a student population of over 7,000. Maryville is also home to Mozingo Lake Recreation Park. Maryville Parks & Recreation maintains 12 city parks and three facilities that include a community center, aquatic center, splash pad, multiple ball/soccer fields, playgrounds and shelters, but we currently don’t have a dog park.

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

The completion of the Sunrise Bark would be a tremendous addition to the Maryville community and the culmination of what citizens have requested for many years. The City of Maryville is cognizant of the many benefits of dog parks, including: increased social interaction among community members with pets, encouragement of outdoor recreation, reduction of troublesome pet behaviors and happier, healthier pets and owners. Opening Sunrise Bark would open the door for more partnerships with Maryville’s local animal shelter, that is located across the street from the future dog park site. With at least 800 dogs in Maryville, a dog park is definitely needed!

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

The grant money will be used to construct Sunrise Bark, located at Sunrise Park in Maryville, Missouri. The dog park will contain a double gate system that leads to a fenced-in area for smaller dogs and a second fenced-in area for larger dogs.

Additional Photos:


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