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March 10, 2013

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Make Your Dog Famous

By Robin Rhea, PetSafe Senior Brand Manager

My metaphorical tail could not be wagging any more vigorously than it is now!  I'm so excited to start sharing news of our 3rd annual Bark For Your Park National dog park give away contest. There is so much to tell about our 2013 contest and the best part is it’s all about YOU! You guys really hit it out the park (pun intended) with the ideas you gave us to improve the contest. One of our favorites was to use the likeness of one of your dogs in our contest materials.

We know that for every pet owner there is no dog more cute than their own and we totally agree. What better way to to get people ready for Bark For Your Park than by making the selection of our "Hero Dog" into a contest? Now through March 25, submit your dog's picture and they may just be our hero! The public will vote from March 26 to April 10. We'll announce the winners on April 12.

Here's how to play: Center Image-Hero Dog

1. Say Cheese! Grab a clear, good quality, original photo of your dog in his or her full cuteness.

2. Your dog, your whole dog and nothing but your dog! Pictures must be of your actual dog and include no other animals or people.

3. Make your dog a hero! Go to the PetSafe Facebook page, click the Hero Dog Tab and follow the instructions to enter your dog in the contest. See the official rules.

4. Vote. After we approve all the submissions, the public will vote for the three cutest dogs to appear in our materials. Just like Bark for Your Park, the public will fit the winner.You can vote once a day every day for two weeks and we’ll announce the winners on April 12.

If your dog is chosen as Our Hero, his or her likeness will be featured in all our Bark For Your Park materials throughout the contest. Your dog will be famous, just like they are in your mind heart and mind. So go grab the cutest picture of your dog you've ever taken and share it with us. PetSafe will be making three lucky dogs into a national hero and then we'll be helping even more cities to build their dog parks. It could be your dog and your city!

If that's not enough to get your tail wagging, then just stay tuned. I'll be sharing more of how your ideas scoped Bark For Your Park 2013 very soon. But here's a's going to be bigger and louder than ever before!

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