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January 9, 2013

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Is Your Pet Ready to Be Dressed Up?

coats for your dogBy Krista Nixon, PetSafe Toys and Education Category Manager

Krista Nixon has been keeping dogs fashionably chic for almost a decade. Her designs have been in Petsmart, as well as thousands of retailers across the US, and she is the owner of two dogs that are always decked out and the talk of the dog park. Her mission is to keep dogs toasty warm and smokin’ hot with the seasons latest styles.

Come on, admit it. We know it’s already on your calendar, but just in case it’s slipped your mind… January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Silly? Yes. Wacky? Absolutely. A frivolous holiday? No way!

We beseech you – if you love your dog, please, please do not subject them to the shame and embarrassment of being the only “naked” dog in the office or at the dog park. A plain collar and tags is hardly business casual. In fact, it’s more like the doggie equivalent of Ugg boots and sweatpants. It has to the potential to make for years of emotional distress and teasing from their puppy peers.

But don’t stress! Luckily, we have the perfect solution for your dog attire woes…our line of Fido Fleece coats. Available in 9 different styles, the line has styles to accommodate every taste level – from classically posh to uber trendy – and everything in between. And, each designer style comes in 15 different sizes (for a custom-like fit) that both your Chihuahua and your Great Dane can rock.

Plus, the head-to-tail closure design make it super easy to get on and off, which is important if you have a doggie diva that lives to make wardrobe changes throughout the day. And, the entire line is machine washable and dryer safe, so your dog can smell as good as they look. dog coats

Fido Fleeces come in all different patterns, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your pet.

So it’s settled, a Fido Fleece dog coat is a definite fashion must for the big day. But, with so many fantastic styles to choose from, how can you narrow it down?

I suggest taking your dog’s personality into consideration. Have a girly girl? Our pink Marvel pattern or lavender Randomness style will speak to her feminine side. If you’ve got a ruff-and-rowdy boy, consider our classic Rolling Bones design or stiff him up with our Summer Plaid. Teal My Heart and Dotted Bliss are for the more fashion forward and trendy – they’ve got the hottest color combos of the season. With so many designer styles to choose from, you can outfit your dog in style.

So...mark your calendars and make the appropriate arrangements!
Monday is when all the cool dogs will be strutting their stuff.

It’s our public service duty to remind you of this important day.
Ditch the old collar and tags to break out the big (apparel) guns – your dog will love you for it!


About Krista As the Category Manager for Toys & Behavior, Krista Nixon oversees the new product development of exciting new toys, innovative behavior products and fun fashion options.  With two dogs of her own – Caesar (a Vizsla) and Zeus (a teacup Chihuahua) she doesn’t have to look far for inspiration or willing testers!  At Petsafe, she works to create solution-based products that deepen the bond between people and their pets.  

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