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October 9, 2013

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If These Dogs Could Talk, You Wouldn't Need PetSafe

By Robin Hawn Rhea, Senior Brand Manager 

If our pets could talk they could tell us what they need. Since our conversation with them is only a monologue, we need the products that we use with our pets to be safe, trustworthy and effective. I love that so many of our customers call us for help in choosing the right product, to ensure they are using the product correctly and to troubleshoot when needed. Our customer care center, located right here in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a key pillar of PetSafe.  Having a team of people that can help pet owners get the experience they want to have with their pets is the most important service we can provide. And we take it very seriously.  

Rosco welcomes customer service reps to the office Rosco welcomes customer care specialists to the office

Every day these great folks are working to understand how to best communicate the technical and training aspects of our products to the pet lovers that are using them.  They are passionate pet owners just like our customers. They are using our products with their own pets.  On par with everything PetSafe, the dogs of our Customer Care Specialists are sleeping under their desks, playing with Busy Buddy toys, wearing remote trainers and drinking from our pet fountains

They know from first "paw" experience how our products work and how they can give you more of what you love most about your pets. One of the best parts of the customer care process is that our product developers meet with our customer care teams weekly to understand the common themes they see from our customers. They are passionate about representing the voice of consumers to our engineers and quality team so that we can always keep improving. We work collaboratively to use all the feedback we receive to improve a product or develop new and better solutions.

Gary, one of our Consumer Experience Advocates, works with consumers and Gary, one of our Consumer Experience Advocates, works with pet door consumers and product developers on a daily basis.

The team works tirelessly to make the PetSafe brand customer care the most positive and memorable experience possible for our customers.  I am so proud of the level of responsiveness and quality service they provide.  It happens to be National Customer Service Week and, even though we have lots of fun things planned to say a special thanks for all they do, it is impossible for us to appreciate our specialists equally to what they deserve in just one week. 

We will continue to say "thank you" throughout the year in every way we can.   One of PetSafe's recognition walls for our customer care specialists to see what a fantastic job they all do! One of PetSafe's recognition walls for our customer care specialists to see what a fantastic job they all do![/caption] If you haven't reached out and touched PetSafe lately, we invite you to do so.

We are here for you. Even though your pets can't talk to you, our Customer Care team will do everything they can to help you communicate with your pet the best that you possibly can.

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