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Hialeah, FL

Location of proposed dog park:

4200 W 8th Avenue
Hialeah, FL 33012

About this community:

The City of Hialeah is a working-class community in South Florida. The city’s name has been attributed to Muskogee origin combining “haiyakpo” (prairie) and “hili” (pretty) to “Hialeah” [hi-uh-lee-uh]; meaning “pretty prairie.” Home to 223,100 residents, Hialeah is the sixth largest city in the state. Hialeah is noted as the starting point of famous aviator Amelia Earhart’s flight around the world in 1937 and home to the world-famous Hialeah Race Track.

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Hialeah deserves the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant because its furry family members deserve their own recreational space. The pandemic highlighted the emotional, social and practical benefits of pet companionship, especially as Hialeah was significantly impacted by Covid-19. A PetSafe® Dog Park will provide a play space for humans and their canine companions to venture out of their homes and engage in needed recreation and connectedness to nature. As a dense City, many of the pets in the community do not have a backyard to play and exercise in. The addition of the bark park in the community will enhance safety and improve the mental and physical health of both the pet parent and their animal companions. Hialeah has a Parks and Recreation team eager to operate the community’s inaugural dog park, a mayor backing its operational sustainability and a community of stakeholders aspiring to fill this community need.

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Goodlet Park, the proposed location for the PetSafe® Dog Park, has more than 640 residential addresses within 500 feet. Hialeah’s vision is to have a safe location for pets to avoid canine obesity while encouraging families to venture back out to the park to exercise and socialize. The acquired grant funds would be devoted to fulfilling that vision by procuring play structures to encourage active pet exercise, improve agility and facilitate play between pets and their human companions. In addition, shade trees, benches and water sources for pets and parents are major elements planned for the site. These amenities, along with eco-friendly waste bags and proper signage, will make Hialeah’s PetSafe® Dog Park a safe, fun area to meet, mingle and play. The aspiration is that with increased play with their dogs, the community will likely find that they are more active overall and have strengthened the bond with their animal companions.

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