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Hancock, NY

Location of proposed dog park:

661 W Main Street #HHDP
Hancock, NY 13783

About this community:

Our community dates from 1791 to the present and is named after John Hancock, known as the Prince of Merchants, due to our valuable lumber and stone. Most residents are over 60 and have dogs to keep them company. Hancock currently supplies NYC’s drinking water, and our town provides the Bluestone foundations/pedestal for the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and NYC’s stone sidewalks. In addition, pirates ransomed ships for Hancock lumber for their ship masts.

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Our community has sacrificed so much for the State and City of New York. Entire towns, villages, families, and businesses were destroyed to build enormous reservoirs to supply NY/NYC with Free drinking Water from our watershed, while everyone here pays hundreds of dollars for clean water. Interstate 17 used to run through our town but has since been diverted on our former train route, removing the train and making the town suffer more business losses. Our aging residents need love and support from their pets without having to Drive 30-60mins in the snow or extreme heat to do so. Please help our community better serve these amazing and steadfast residents who have been through so much already! This dog park grant will allow the park to be expanded, as it’s already being used six days a week, even in the winter when two feet of snow are on the ground.

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Hancock Hounds wishes to build a proper Large & Small Dog Run with a double-gated entry for both. We also wish to install a proper water supply, address land drainage, install waste stations, provide night-time lighting and power, comfortable and weather-appropriate benches, 24/7 security cameras, and proper park signage for long-term use for decades to come. We are an IRS-approved 501c3, have secured land from the Town, and have widespread community support and press that have been helping us to plan something truly special with Delaware County Planning Office. We need help to maintain the property, build the park into two sections and add a community garden with picnic tables for young families and multi-generational use. We also need to arrange pickup and installation of the bluestone pathways donated to use at the Dog Park for ADA compliance, so the park is truly accessible by all.

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