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February 2, 2014

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Ground Dog Day!

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

At PetSafe, Groundhog Day carries more meaning than a winter forecast from a woodchuck.  Our beloved CEO, Randy Boyd, once made a speech referencing the Bill Murray comedy “Groundhog Day.” If you aren’t familiar with the film, it’s worth spending an overcast afternoon indulging yourself. Ultimately, Bill Murray’s character lives the same day over and over again and eventually creates a perfect day. This film inspired Randy to consider a Groundhog Day as being your ideal day that you live over and over just the way you want it.

Randy’s Groundhog Day, to paraphrase, would be getting to come to work with a group of innovative people inspired to work hard to achieve a challenging mission in a fun environment.  That’s exactly what Randy, our leaders and our associates are creating over and over every day at PetSafe. Our mornings begin with an entourage of Engineers, Marketers,  Customer Care Specialists, and their dogs, pouring into our open office environment to take on the day. 

Our values hang on the walls of every meeting room (all of which are named for dogs and cats) as handy reminders for how we approach the work we do for each other.  We are always looking for how we can better listen to and understand our customers and each other so that we can deliver experiences that will be meaningful and lasting.

Our own pets are spoiled rotten. Our cubicles and homes are littered with Busy Buddy toys and indigo chews.  Pet fountains can be found on every floor throughout the building, and pet beds in every meeting room. The presence of our own pet’s wagging tail, and the many pets we get to know through customer calls, online reviews and social media are all part of what inspires us to keep getting to the heart of the human and animal bond, and enhancing it in every way we can.

We smile each time a pet becomes part of a family for life, and each time we achieve an important milestone that makes an even more positive impact in the pet community. We mark our progress; the stuff that worked and the stuff that didn't, and we take the lessons from both. A view from inside PetSafe

A view from inside PetSafe

At the end of the day, droves of people and pets from our community are playing in the PetSafe dog park across the street from our office, and in the many PetSafe parks popping up across the U.S. Our associates visit our on-site fitness center as a part of their commitment to being built to last.  

We head-off to volunteer in our community, animal shelters and faith-based organizations. As the southern sun sinks slowly behind the Radio Systems Corporation building and the rolling hills of East Tennessee, as shadow is cast and the forecast for PetSafe is clear....

We load up our laptops and our dogs to go home, be with our families, rest and do it all over again.

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