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Thompson Road Regional Dog Park in Fenton, MI

Location of existing dog park:

1343 W. Thompson Road
Fenton, MI 48430

About this community:

Fenton Township, City of Fenton, and the City of Linden are amazing smaller communities rich in history & culture, providing for the joint supervision over the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park, with a collective population nearing 32,000. The Trio of communities thrive on summer activities, making Parks & Recreation a daily activity.

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park is a tourist attraction! Right off the highway from US-23, the Park see’s numerous visitors from out of state, passing through on their way to their destination. Currently, the park is vacant of shade for the owners and dogs. The Park has numerous breeds visit, and some of these breeds have a hard time staying cool, due to their short snouts. This condition prevents them from regulating their temperatures, as their nasal passages are short. Some of the common breeds coming to the Park that are affected by this condition include pugs, Boston terriers, and bulldogs. All funding received for the Park is donation-based, as there is no admission fee to the park, making it an even bigger attraction to dog owners. Donations alone will not cover the cost of the purchase and installation of trees. With the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant money, this will be possible.

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park will utilize the Maintenance Grant from the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ for the purchase and installation of trees on both small and large dog park sides. Due to the expensive costs of trees (and the usage of an Arborist to install them), any extra costs will be covered by additional fundraisers held at local events.

Additional Photos:


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