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Ephrata, PA

Location of proposed dog park:

160 Old Mill Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

About this community:

Ephrata, PA, is a place where people can experience outdoor recreation. Its Rail Trail provides a safe avenue for bicyclists and walkers. Over 13,000 residents enjoy a community pool, tennis courts, a bike park and bike share, and annual 5K runs. This family-friendly town invites people from every creed, nation and social status to gather. Its beloved pets also enjoy Whistle Stop Plaza parties, outdoor musical performances, the East’s largest street fair, and Holiday events.

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Ephrata, PA, deserves to win this grant because finally, after so many years, this project is happening. Since 2015, the community has worked hard to bring the right groups together to develop and plan the park. It is a great example of how public/private partnerships can work to the benefit of an entire community. This dog park increases the vibrancy of the community. Life-long residents, new families and even businesses are coming together to share their excitement, support the project and spread the news with family and friends outside of the area. Everyone is the same in Ephrata’s dog park. There are no classes of people; there are no politics, no judgment or stereotypes. There are just people, dogs, exercise, and funny stories about what their dogs did that morning. Ephrata’s dog park is a safe haven.

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

These funds will be used to purchase and install approximately ten benches to be placed around the nearly one-acre expanse of the park. Funds will also help purchase important signage for the park’s rules and emergency contact information. “Playground” equipment will also be purchased with these funds to give the dogs the maximum amount of exercise and opportunities for training. Water features and shade systems are items also included in the total budget for the park. Ephrata strives to make PetSafe’s Ephrata Unleashed Dog Park the best Lancaster County, PA, has to offer to enhance the quality of life for residents, visitors, and their beloved dogs.

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