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September 10, 2014

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Deciding on Pet Doors

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

Fall isn’t here just yet, but now is the perfect time to start preparing for the cooler weather to move in. Making sure your pets get outside to relieve themselves isn’t always a relief for you, especially when you live in a frozen tundra (at least that is what I thought I lived in during my time in Minnesota). Fall and winter weather is not always fun for you to stand around in while waiting for your pet to potty, so here are my picks for great pet doors to consider this upcoming season.

 CaptureFor those of you living in the colder areas when Old Man Winter makes his debut, the Extreme Weather Door is a fantastic choice of pet door. Choose from small, medium or large to fit your pet’s size. So why is this a great choice for colder climates? Welcome to the world of the 3-flap system! The energy efficiency on this door is 3 ½ times higher than other single flap doors, so you’ll leave the weather where it belongs… outside! This is also great for the other extreme of climates, as it can keep that super warm air away from your air conditioned home.

Electronic Smart DoorHave you ever wanted a pet door but worry about the neighbor’s dog (or that creepy raccoon in the woods) entering your home? Worry no more with the PetSafe® Electronic SmartDoor™. This door comes with a SmartKey™ that unlocks it for your pet (and only your pet) to use. After your dog or cat has gone through the opening, the door will relock once it no longer detects the key. You can program up to 5 different keys to this door, so your whole family of pups and kittens will be happy!

Another awesome and innovative door is the Passport® Pet Door. Similar to the SmartDoor™, this system allows your pets access in and out of the door with a key worn on your pet’s collar. This door will allow you to customize specific entry and exit options for up to 20 different pets. With a cool LCD screen, programming is easy and convenient for any pet owner. Check out the fun video on this door here:

We hope you'll find the right door for your pet. A product expert can also walk you through this process M-F 8am-8pm or Saturdays 9-5, ET at 1-800-732-2677.

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