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Getting Your Indoor Cat to Exercise

January 3, 2013

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Tips for Getting Your Indoor Cat to Exercise

A Tale of Busy Paws:

Tips for Getting Your Indoor Cat to Exercise

99852569_8Even though an overweight cat can be a cuddly and warm accessory on your couch during the harsh, cold winter months and can even bring some comedic relief to your winter depression, that’s about all. Obesity in cats may invite a number of health issues including diabetes.  Since you wouldn’t want  your cat to become a fat, lethargic fellow that can pass off as an inanimate toy cat, here are a few ways to help inspire your cat to engage in exercise:

Give your cat new lures

While it’s very easy to satisfy your cat with food treats, it’s quite sensible to stop spoiling him when you are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Instead, give him toy treats.  Here are some of our favorites.

  • First, of course, is our line of Interactive FroliCat™ Toys that will keep your cats curious and playful.   In addition to our most popular interactive laser toys (see below) , FroliCat has a series of interative teaser toys.  The FroliCat POUNCE is a rotating hide-and-seek teaser toy that moves a play mouse unpredictably around the circular path zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles.  While FroliCat TWITCH automatically bounces and swings an enticing ball lore combined with a bell and feathers. Both of these toys engage your cat's predilection to hunt while simultaneously encouraging them to be active.
  • Keep cats amused by the most humble of articles, like bags, paper, and boxes.
  • Encourage your kitty and put their exercise plan in high gear.   Keep toys and items in high places to let them climb up and hunt them down.

Let Your Cat Play with Food

  • Move your cat’s feeding bowl from a counter to the floor and put it back again as you make your cat jump and hunt for his food. You can also keep his food and water bowls in different places, or even on different floors, to make him travel for his meals.

Give Your Cat Safe Vertical Spaces

  • Safe vertical spaces in the form of a cat tree, a window sill, or a set of empty shelves, help to build an adventurous atmosphere for cats while giving them an opportunity to stay active even if you are not present to entertain them.

Try a Laser Toy

  • Purchase the Frolicat DART or BOLT for one cat, or a DART DUO laser pet toy for multiple cats.  Random laser movement generates excitement, enticing cats to chase the bouncing lights to and fro.

Get a BirdFeeder

  • You don’t have to be the only form of entertainment for your cat.  Yards, porches or terraces give you the advantage of keeping a variety of bird feeders. Even if you live in an apartment, there are various window feeders you can purchase. A live bird-watching session can work wonders and bring out the inner aggressive spirit of an indoor cat. Tiny, potential preys, flying and resting charmingly, will get your cat to show off his “Big Cat” nature through stalking and pouncing.

Play Cat Videos

Find a Feline Pal for your Cat

  • Companionship works wonders to keep your cats active. This way, you will not only let your cat enjoy a busy schedule, but will also provide a safe, secure, and loving family to another cat that might be waiting for its turn at a rescue shelter.

Take Your Kitty for a Walk

  • Catwalks are rejuvenating pastimes not only for the cat, but for its owner as well. A stroll in the neighborhood or the local park is a workout for you too! Make sure your cat gets habituated to wearing a walking jacket or a harness. Additionally, you’ll also require more supervision on your part to protect your cat from stray dogs and chemicals such as weed killers.

Diversity adds spice to life. If it’s a bird that turned your cat crazy yesterday, it might be a paper ball or a plastic wrap that will inspire his curiosity today. You never know, and your search for new activities may bring the creative spirit out of you!

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