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June 8, 2012

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Why You Should Get Your Pets Microchipped

By Laura Potts, PetSafe Digital Marketing Specialist

Laura was skeptical about getting Lincoln and Ellie microchipped, but after a little research, she realized it was the best thing for her pets.  

Did you know over 10 million pets are lost or stolen in the US every year? The even scarier part is that for pets who aren’t microchipped, 78% of them never get reunited with their owners. The good news is with methods like microchipping, that number is starting to decline. Even though both of my pups are microchipped now, neither of them arrived that way when we rescued them.

I adopted Lincoln from a rescue almost 7 years ago and at the time microchipping seemed much less common. Ellie joined us over 3 years ago after some friends of ours found her abandoned on the side of a road. Needless to say, her previous owners didn’t microchip her.  And while I try to be a contentious pet owner, I have to admit getting my dogs microchipped was a tough decision.

I had many misconceptions on whether it was truly necessary and whether or not it would be painful for my two fur balls. After speaking to their veterinarian and doing some research, I realized how untrue my microchipping myths were.

Here’s what I’ve learned along the way when it comes to getting your pet microchipped.

Myth #1: It’s expensive. Microchipping can really range depending on when and where you get it done. The higher prices ranges are between $25 to $30, still pretty affordable. For Lincoln, I searched for a more inexpensive option, and waited for a special microchip day at our local animal center with $5 microchips. If price is a concern for you, I recommend checking with your local animal centers and rescues for a variety of pricing options.

Myth #2: It’s painful. Having watched both of my pets be microchipped, I was surprised how pain free, quick, and easy it was. Lincoln, our wuss, who pitches a fit during a toenail clipping, was completely mellow during the 5 second process. To make it even simpler, oftentimes vets will incorporate into a schedule teeth cleaning when your pet will already be under anesthesia to further remove any fears. That’s how Ellie’s was done. Or, you can use a Lickety Stik to distract your pet with a treat during the procedure.

Myth #3: It isn’t really necessary We all like to think it would never happen to us, but with the startling statistics above, pets sadly go missing all the time. A child accidentally leaves the door open and the cat escapes, or the dog gets crafty and jumps the fence. Sometimes despite our best efforts, mishaps happen. Rather than solely relying on fliers and checking the local animal center, microchipping dramatically increases their chances of being returned safe and sound should they accidentally get away.

Are your pets microchipped? Why did you decide for or against getting them chipped?


ABOUT LAURA Laura manages the complete digital media presence for the PetSafe Brand. Laura also donates her time to helping improve animal welfare. She has helped saved the lives of many pets through her work and more directly by adopting two dogs of her own, Ellie and Lincoln who often accompany her to work and to volunteer events in Knoxville.

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