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April 13, 2014

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Cheers to Our Customers!

In case you didn’t know, April is Customer Loyalty Month! We aren’t one of those companies that sells a product and hopes that our customers are enjoying it; we want to make sure our customers trust what we sell and how we maintain a relationship with each individual.

Some of the ways we stay in contact with our customers include interactions on Facebook and Twitter, but we also provide our phone and email customer care! Juno, one of the many Customer Care dogs at work!

Juno, one of the many Customer Care dogs at work!  As you probably know by now, our office is pet-friendly. This includes our Customer Care department, which is part of our corporate office complex in Knoxville. There’s nothing quite like seeing so many dogs in one place, especially while our representatives answer questions about pets and their products!

We decided to ask some of our pet enthusiasts who work with our customers each and every day a few questions on why our customers are so fantastic.

Donnie D – Customer Care Manager

Donnie has been with the company for 2 years, and has been one of the Customer Care managers for close to a year. He manages a team of around 20 representatives, and helps to empower this team to give the customers the best possible experience when calling the company. “People just want to make their pets part of the family,” Donnie said. “They want to take care of them and keep them safe. With us they are able to give their pets the amenities that they are capable of providing.”

Amanda G – Customer Care Trainer

Amanda started taking phone calls 3 years ago, and became the trainer for Customer Care close to a year and a half ago. She answered questions on almost every item made by the PetSafe® Brand, and had a chance to get to know more about the pets that are using the wide variety of products.

“My favorite story was a woman who cried for almost 45 minutes because she loved our Lickety Stik for her dog so much. She said that her overweight dog could barely walk half a block at the time, but has now lost a lot of weight and is walking over 2 blocks with her every day,” Amanda said.

Amanda was asked about what makes our customers unique. “Our customers are loyal. They love their pets like they would their children, and are happy and grateful when we take care of them. When they don’t think there is a solution we provide one with individualized care. A blanket fix doesn’t always work, and calling us means we can figure out exactly how to fix what needs to be fixed.”

Amanda now trains all of the new hires that take PetSafe calls on how to troubleshoot, listen to our customers and use our different operating systems. She also trains our representatives on new products, and helps update anyone on any new features.

Dustin S – Customer Care Consumer Experience Advocate

Dustin began working for the company 3 and a half years ago, and has been a CEA for 2 years. A Consumer Experience Advocate takes any data that is collected about a particular category of products, and relays this information to the appropriate department. They are also quick to call our customers back if there is every any kind of recurring issue. Dustin is the CEA for kennels, and will email or call a customer in need. He is also part of our email team in Customer Care, where he responds to customer questions via email instead of phone calls. Some of our loyal customers prefer the email method over calling, and that is why we have a team dedicated to this. “We value our customers. Without you we wouldn’t exist. You help make us the most trusted brand,” Dustin said. “Our customers are particular, and we understand this as pet lovers!”

As part of our Customer Loyalty Month, we want to hear from our loyal blog followers. We would love to hear what kind of feedback you have for us. Do you love our posts? What else would you like to see from us? Simply leave a comment below, and we will pass your information on! We are so grateful to have you all as our customers, and hope to see you back to read more great blogs from PetSafe!

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