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6 pointers for caring for your new puppy
Pet Care

January 24, 2020

PetSafe® Expert

Thomas Fraser

6 pointers for caring for your new puppy

That pretty new puppy in your arms is going to be a handful. With patience, love and persistence, however, he will grow quickly by your side and become a close friend and family member. Here are some puppy pointers from PetSafe® to help you care for your new dog.

  1. Puppy-proof your home. Think of your puppy as a human baby or toddler. He is going to get into everything. Make sure there are no cords to chew, no potentially poisonous plants or cleaning supplies, and no fragile items (or sunglasses or nice boots) within reach of cute and curious snouts. Identify a good spot for his initial crate space and play area. Ideally it will be in a place where your pup can see you, his new parent.
  2. Food and water. Your pup will want and need lots of food and fresh water. PetSafe® pet water fountains are great options for providing a fresh, filtered water source on demand. The next-generation PetSafe® Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to program meal times and portions via your smartphone. You might not be able to devote all the time you want to your new pup, but you can keep him fed and hydrated even during a busy day at the office.
  3. A crate. Dogs are denning animals, so he won’t mind spending the night or part of the day in a crate. This gives him time to acclimate to his new world. Your pup may still yearn for mama or the warmth of a litter, so make sure his crate and other areas offer lots of comfy bedding.
  4. Potty supplies. PetSafe® has a range of waste-control products for your puppy until he is completely housebroken. The PetSafe® Piddle Place™ and other potty-training products give your pup a place to relieve himself that can be cleaned easily.
  5. One way to reduce anxiety in your new puppy is to provide lots of toys. They will teach your puppy to channel his energy and work his little puppy teeth. Calming dog toys from PetSafe® like the Busy Buddy® Barnacle or Squirrel Dude™ will help soothe your new puppy’s jitters as he adjusts to his new environment.
  6. Leashes and harnesses. As soon as your puppy is big enough and able and ready to venture with you outside on a regular basis, get him used to a harness. The Easy Walk® harness is a good option for teaching your puppy to pay attention to you and walk calmly without pulling or tugging.

It’s going to take some time to get your puppy potty-trained and comfortable with his new environment. Be gentle and patient as you introduce the world to your new friend. He’ll figure it out with a little help.

Written by

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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