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February 14, 2014

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23 Years of Success to Celebrate!

CaptureBy Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

Radio Systems Corporation began its journey to build a pet brand trusted above all others 23 years ago today! It was 1991 when our little corporation opened the doors to its office, then a one-room trailer.  With a Dodge Maxi Van (with no air conditioning) and a few passionate and innovative pet lovers, they set out destined to make the world a better place for people and their pets.

It's exciting that our history continues to be just as rich with purpose as it has always been. Our Radio Systems fore fathers and mothers held a vision in their minds that our 600+ associates worldwide live today.  We continue to build on the principles, training methodologies, intellectual property and a wealth of learnings about the human-animal bond that they pioneered two decades ago.  

They started with one product. Today, our catalog has grown to include over 4,000 products and 3 major international pet brands. Sadly, some of these folks have passed away, but they remain in our hearts and their legacy lives on. Some things remain the same.

Our commitment to customer service has been a critical piece of our success. We’ve never outsourced our service because we love connecting with our consumers and learning from them how we can make our products even better.

We also have not strayed from our values and our culture. Often times when companies experience great growth, their culture shifts and changes. At RSC, we are so committed to our culture that we continue to drive it through all that we do every day. We also have never strayed from doing everything we can to positively impact the pet community, especially homeless pets and reducing euthanasia. We will continue to chip away at these issues until they are no longer a part of our pet care vocabulary – a lofty goal, but one that keeps us inspired for all the right reasons.

Perhaps the best part of RSC is that we are part of something bigger than we could ever be by ourselves. It extends so far beyond the walls of Radio Systems to the homes of pet owners in the 16 countries where we offer our products, the animal shelters and rescues that we support, to the PetSafe dog parks we build and to every pet that brings joy to a person or family that loves them. Just like our days with our pets, our days on this earth are numbered.  This fact demands that we make our days full of impact, and rich with joy and contribution. Radio Systems has and will continue to be our conduit for making the world an even better place for ourselves, our customers and the pets we love so much.

Happy Anniversary Radio Systems and PetSafe!

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