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PetSafe® Supports ASPCA’s Transfer of Dozens of Dogs at the AnimalWorks Clinic, Wednesday 5 – 10 p.m

May 13, 2013

PetSafe® Supports ASPCA’s Transfer of Dozens of Dogs at the AnimalWorks Clinic, Wednesday 5 – 10 p.m

PetSafe volunteers take part in program’s second pit-stop during relocation of dogs from overcrowded shelters in Louisiana to New Jersey to avoid potential euthanasia.

Who: PetSafe volunteers join non-profit Animal Works in ASPCA Relocation Program

When: May 30, 2012 Wednesday, 5-10 p.m.

What: Lending a hand to the ASPCA Relocation Program and transfer of dozens of dogs, PetSafe® volunteers will assist during a pit stop at the AnimalWorks clinic Wednesday at 5 p.m. During the rest stop, the dogs will take a potty break, eat some food and stretch their legs. They will also be examined by veterinary teams from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, to make sure they remain healthy. The animals are being transported from Louisiana to New Jersey where they are more likely to avoid euthanasia in overcrowded clinics and be placed in a shelter with greater demand for adoption.

Forty dogs are set to leave the New Orleans SPCA early Wednesday morning and will arrive at AnimalWorks, a low-cost and high-volume spay and neuter clinic located in Alcoa, Tenn., between 5 and 6 p.m. Here, three more dogs will be added to the transportation and will leave the clinic around 10 p.m. to arrive at the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey mid-day Thursday.

“We are so happy to volunteer and be a part of this re-location program,” said Jim Tedford, PetSafe’s Director of Animal Welfare Initiatives and Alliances. “This is a great opportunity for dogs to make their way to shelters where adoption demands are higher. In 2010, there were only 6,000 dogs euthanized (for ALL reasons) in the state of NJ, but there are much more local shelters in the south, southeast and southwest still doing a higher volume of euthanasia than that. So, in New Jersey they are in a position to help; all these dogs need in order to survive and thrive is a ride to the northeast.”

During the Tennessee stop-over, nearly 30 volunteers from PetSafe, AnimalWorks and the community will assist in the pit stop’s feeding and rest break, to ensure a safe and smooth trip for every dog.

Where: AnimalWorks, a low-cost and high-volume spay and neuter clinic.
3377 Regal Dr., Alcoa, TN 37701. (865) 379-2227.

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The ASPCA Relocation Program funds and facilitates the relocation of dogs from areas where there are many dogs and few adoptive homes to areas where there is much greater demand and fewer available dogs up for adoption.