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January 29, 2014

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What Research Told Us: Social Pet System by PetSafe!

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

Toward the “tail” end of 2013 we teamed up with some existing PetSafe Idea Partners, and even some new ones, to complete IHUTs (In-Home Usage Tests) for one of our new products – the super cool Social Pet System. One of our tester's fur-iends staring at his treat dispenser as his Mom snaps a pic…subtly hinting to her to press the “give treat” button! One of our tester's fur-iends staring at his treat dispenser as his Mom snaps a pic…subtly hinting to her to press the “give treat” button!

Social Pet is the only pet camera that allows you connect your camera to Facebook so you and friends can watch your pets through a live video stream, take pictures of your pets and then post those pictures directly to Facebook with the click of a button!

Social Pet includes a treat dispenser that syncs with the camera so you and your friends can give your pets treats through Facebook. You can also set a feeding schedule through the Facebook application so that your pet can only be treated during times you select.

“Simply love it! Having another user control the camera is awesome. Also having the ability to treat my dog when I'm not in the room is the best thing about it.” –Judith D.

Through the Social Pet Facebook application, you can set certain permissions for your friends and family that you have invited to view your camera. Only the users you select will be able to:

  • Turn the camera on/off
  • Pan/tilt the camera
  • Take a picture with your camera
  • Post a picture from your camera to Facebook
  • Give your pets treats

Keeble says “Hello, is anybody in this thing?!” The Social Pet mobile app is simple and easy to use for watching your pets on-the-go! Keeble says “Hello, is anybody in this thing?!”

The Social Pet mobile app is simple and easy to use for watching your pets on-the-go Not only can you access your live video stream on a computer through Facebook, but you can also download the mobile app to your smartphone to view and treat your pets while you’re on-the-go!  

“I think Social Pet is a lot of fun! Usually when I logged on from my cell phone, I was showing other people the app and telling them how it was a live stream. I loved that I could give treats from far away! Everyone I showed it to seemed to enjoy it as well.” –Joshua C.

If you’re like some of our pet-loving testers, Social Pet may be more for you and less for your pet! Some people just have a really difficult time leaving their pets every morning to go to work, so being away from your pets all day every day can just make your day "ruff." And if you forget to turn the lights on before you leave the house, don’t worry…Social Pet has night vision so you can keep an eye on your pets without needing the lights!

"It's interesting to see what goes on during the day with them, even if it is just watching them sleep. I think I have separation anxiety worse than my pets do. It's nice to be able to "hang out" with them during the day while I'm at work.” –Brittany G.

Lilly knows that even at night she must be camera ready because Social Pet has night vision!   

If you have a loved one that travels often for work or that may be in the military and stationed away from home, like the daughter of one of our testers, Social Pet can be such a blessing. Not only can it bring others so much warmth and joy by watching their pet live on camera, but being able to treat them from thousands of miles away and watching the happiness on that pets face is simply priceless.

“I LOVED the camera and treat dispenser and it was priceless while we were on vacation.” –Connie C.

Social Pet even helped some of our testers realize their pets behaved differently than they thought when home alone. You could have an eye-opening experience…maybe you saw that the “good” dog is actually the one that digs through the trash, or that the reason your pets are insomniacs is because it turns out they’re just an extension of the couch and sleep all day. Maybe the reason your house smells like urine is because your pets pee on the living room rugs and aren’t totally potty trained like you thought.

Or, maybe it’s an eye-opening experience that can change your pet’s life because you see through your camera that your pet has anxiety when you leave. Social Pet is more than just a pet camera…it can strengthen your relationship with your pets.

“It has given me some insight as to how they behave when I am not around. I learned my little doggy needs something for separation anxiety.” – Secrena E.

Social Pet is so much more than just a pet camera. It is your connection with your pet when you’re not able to be with them. At PetSafe, we call that love!

Get connected with your pets…with Social Pet!

We’re always looking for more passionate pet owners and their furry family members to test our new products. To learn about how you can become a PetSafe Idea Partner to test products or be involved in PetSafe Research and Development studies, visit PetSafe Labs to get started. Product testers not only get to find out about our latest and greatest products, but you may even get to keep the test product (for free!). You could also receive $$ rewards or other PetSafe products for testing. We look forward to working with you!

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