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June 12, 2013

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What Did the Research Tell Us about the SweepOne Automatic Litter Box?

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

sweepone litter box One of our IHUT participants said “Rocco has become very comfortable with the SweepOne and it was an easy transition from his ordinary litter box to his now extraordinary litter box!

 If you’re a cat owner, you know that having a cat also comes with having a litter box.  An automatic litter box can make it much easier to clean up after your cat. 

We completed an IHUT (In-Home Use Test) for our newest automatic litter box – the SweepOne Advanced Auto-Cleaning Litter Box.

 From our research, automatic litter boxes can be especially helpful in multiple cat households where the litter box is used more frequently, as over half of our IHUT participants had more than 1 cat. “I love not scooping a litter box every day.” Cats prefer a clean litter box and so do their owners! 

The SweepOne waste receptacle is enclosed and odor eliminating filters can also be used, if necessary.  Testers that had a cat that didn’t like to cover up their mess were so happy they didn’t have to rush in to cover or scoop the waste to avoid the odors. 

Users reported significantly less odor to no odor at all with the SweepOne.  Are you like some of our testers with a dog that likes to explore the litter box?  Those users said they don’t have to worry about the sneaky dog anymore because the cats waste was swept into the waste receptacle when the cat stepped out of the litter box; leaving behind a clean pan of litter. “I love that there is nearly no odor from this box, that's the best part in my opinion.  I also feel like my cats are cleaner because the box is always scooped.”

House soiling is a common problem reported by cat owners, including participants in our IHUT.  Cats may eliminate in inappropriate areas for a variety of reasons, the litter box being one possible reason.  Some of the cats in our SweepOne IHUT used the bathroom in various places when they had a traditional litter box – rugs, the bathtub, even the laundry! 

After replacing their traditional litter box with the SweepOne, users reported their cats were using the SweepOne regularly and no longer eliminating in inappropriate areas. “The cats took to the SweepOne well and have stopped using our laundry!”

The SweepOne was much more convenient for users than their previous traditional litter boxes.  Testers said they used to clean their traditional litter box sometimes multiple times per day, taking anywhere from 4-15 minutes to clean up after their cats each time.  And, if you're like some of the participants in our IHUT and don’t want to scoop the box and completely discard all litter each time, that can add up to a lot of wasted litter and time! 

Since the SweepOne automatically rakes the litter after each use, testers no longer had to scoop the litter after their cat used it, saving time and some even reported using less litter over time. “It has made clean up a breeze, it saves on litter and my time. It works great, is quiet, and the cats love it.  I would recommend it to everyone."

Common locations that our testers chose for their SweepOne were the laundry room, living room, and bedroom.  If in common living areas, such as the living room, the appearance may be important to you, especially if you frequently have visitors.  The SweepOne has a sleek, durable, and modern design.  So it will look great in any room and the motor is quiet so it will not disrupt your daily activities.  Testers that placed it in their bedroom said the SweepOne was so quiet that it never woke them up from their sleep!

Our IHUT participants also said they used to have trouble finding a litter box that was spacious for their larger cats, but said the SweepOne had plenty of room for their cats. “The SweepOne is very sleek and easy to set up.  It is very quiet and meets all of my expectations.  It's a 10 on a scale of 1-10!” The SweepOne will make a great addition to your household and can help you clean up after your cat.

  It’s set to hit stores this summer, so keep an eye out on our website so you’ll know when it’s ready!  Visit PetSafe Labs, our online research laboratory, to learn more about our research and how you can participate in a research study!

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