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September 2, 2013

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The Ruff Life of a PetSafe Dog

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

Work. Career. Job. Call it what you will, but not everyone can enjoy braving that morning traffic and making sure the piping hot coffee stays in its special “I Love Pugs” mug. The same old routine can get pretty tedious, but here at PetSafe we have the unique advantage of bringing our dogs along for the ride. While some companies offer vending machines and maybe some upgraded paper towels for the kitchenette, PetSafe gives its employees a chance to enjoy the job by having a furry friend at the desk. Our dogs make it more entertaining to come to the office, and this Labor Day we wanted to thank them for their continuous dedication to our craft. The dogs of PetSafe are often our on-call product testers, treat tasters and brand models. They are by our side during photo shoots, important discussions and when we take phone calls from consumers.

According to a 2011-2012 survey from the American Pet Products Association, the number of dogs left at home while an owner is at work was on the decline, but only 3% of owners have actually taken a dog to work. What does a day at the office look like for our dogs? They usually start with treats and praise when they parade to their beds, followed by rolling around and playing with toys while we work on the computer. They even join us in meeting rooms while relieving any stressful situations we may encounter. Our main building has an open atmosphere free of a lot of closed doors and offices, and the dogs who join us for the day always have a friend to play with somewhere in the building. Having a dog at work may seem like all fun and games for them, but our pets actually increase our productivity while giving us ideas for that next great pet product. Our dogs stay busy at keeping us happy at work, and we are able to keep track of our furry friends without being distracted by using our products on them. 

Riesling, a German Shepherd mix who was adopted by a call center associate, models one of our bark control collars here. Many of our dogs wear these innovative products during work in order to avoid barking during a call with a consumer. If your office is thinking of allowing your dog to come to work, or if you are already allowed to bring a pet, be sure to check out some of these bark control products in order to keep a professional and quiet workspace for yourself and your co-workers. These are great if you work from home, too! Our employees will be sure to thank all of the wonderful dogs around the office for their continued support and dedication to our work. Make sure to thank your canine friends for working hard to improve your life this Labor Day holiday. Remember that a dog may not think its work is done for the day until the owner is happy and smiling.

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