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The Best Pet Halloween Costumes and Treats for Your Cats and Dogs
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October 23, 2019

PetSafe® Expert

Thomas Fraser

The best pet Halloween costumes and treats for your cats and dogs

Ghosts and goblins seeking treats will soon fill the dark streets. But why should humans have all the fun on Halloween? Get your pets involved to make memories that will treat you for years.

Here’s a quick look from a pet perspective at all things All Hallow’s Eve as the long night approaches:

Halloween pet treats

Your pets know some tricks, so why not give them some treats to mark the occasion. No candy allowed – not even those weird things wrapped in burnt-orange paper that no one really likes. Try pumpkin guts instead. Seriously. Some dogs love pumpkin and will gladly clean up behind you as you carve that jack ‘o lantern.

Check out this pumpkin-based recipe to fill your pup’s PetSafe® Freezable Treat Holding Chilly Penguin, a chilling treat holder to rival the biggest candy bowl in the neighborhood.

  1. Puree some pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling). A small Chilly Penguin holds about an eighth of a cup; the medium/large size holds about a quarter cup.
  2. Mix in equal parts plain, unsweetened yogurt. Some artificial sweeteners are toxic for dogs, so steer clear of any added sweets.
  3. Fill your Chilly Penguin with the mixture and freeze.
  4. Give the penguin to your canine.

Lest your kitties complain and dip into their own bag of tricks, give them treats, too. Try this for an easy-to-make cat treat:

  1. Mix tuna, oat flour, catnip, an egg and olive oil.
  2. Blend it into dough and roll up separate balls (as you would making some cookies) and bake for about 10 minutes.
  3. Let cool and enjoy a Happy Meow-a-ween!

Speaking of kitties, give them an extra treat by jazzing up their digs with a Halloween cat scratcher. They won’t mind if it’s haunted.

Halloween pet costumes

Pets want to dress up, too! Well. Maybe. Depending on the temperament of your pets, they may enjoy a little masquerade, and you may enjoy putting your fall Halloween craft chops to use. Here are some popular pet Halloween costumes this year, according to the National Retail Federation:

  1. Yep. You can dress your little punkin as a pumpkin.
  2. Hot dog. If this option is too painfully obvious, try to stir it up a bit by dressing your CAT as a hot DOG!
  3. Yes, it’s a thing to dress your cat like a lion, complete with a mane, though it might hurt your cat’s pride.
  4. Remember the infamous "Cat rides Roomba dressed as a shark" viral video? Take it to the next level. If that’s possible. Speaking of next level, there is a variation of “Cat rides a Roomba dressed as a shark” that includes a duckling. It’s too, too much.
  5. Criss-cross. Dress your dog like a cat, or vice versa. Mind. Blown.
  6. Harness your creativity. Deck out PetSafe® harnesses or collars with pins, bows, flowers, flags or the flair of your choice.

Once you have your brood of furry besties decked out in their Halloween finest, consider a dog parade. Everyone loves a parade, but everyone really loves a Halloween dog parade. You can probably Google your way to one locally; many are held as fundraisers for animal shelters or rescue groups.

Once the trick or treaters have roamed home and you’re down to the last piece of candy for the evening (you swear), blow out the jack o’lantern and curl up with your pets for one last bit of Halloween fun. Watch a Halloween movie featuring pets  such as a cat (Binx) or a dog (Snoopy) and drift off to sugary dreams.

Written by

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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