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July 19, 2013

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The Benefits of Doggie Day Care

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist

When I first heard about doggie day care, I laughed. Why would anyone pay for someone to keep their pet when they can totally keep themselves entertained with the endless supply of toys at home? Any time it came up whether I was at work, the dog park, or just visiting with other pet owners, I was totally stumped. Then, I adopted a puppy. I knew when I started looking for a dog that I wanted one who had high energy and a lot of personality. Boy, did I get what I bargained for! I loved Emma’s playful personality and how she could run with me, but then there was the problem of how I was supposed to keep up with her. Is this starting to sound familiar? Trips to the dog park were great, and I love bringing her to work with me. However, as everyone knows, those things just aren’t always possible. We needed another option, so doggie day care it was.

Immediately, I noticed a change in Emma. She was friendlier, healthier and more tired at the end of the day. What more can a dog mother ask for? During day camp, the dogs had multiple play sessions as a group. This introduced Emma to all kinds of dogs from big labs to tiny yorkies. After a couple evaluations, her counselors decided Emma liked playing with smaller dogs better and she was placed in the Tiny Tots class. She weighs just under 30 pounds and the dogs in there range from 8 pounds to her size. I guess she likes being the big dog in the room. In any case, being in doggie day care provides great socialization opportunities with other dogs. Emma has always been pretty fit. She only likes to eat out of her Magic Mushroom, which turns even mealtime into play time. Needless to say, she gets plenty of exercise. However, I can work in peace knowing that she is running until her heart is content.

Doggie day camp is a great source of healthy exercise. As soon as Emma gets in the car after a long day at camp, she curls up in the passenger’s seat and closes her eyes. There really is no better feeling than knowing that my dog will be just as tired at the end of the day as I am.

Have you ever taken your dog to day camp? What is your favorite benefit?

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