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November 15, 2013

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Social Media and PetSafe

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

One of our many fun Facebook posts! One of our many fun Facebook posts![/caption] So you’ve probably heard of a little website called Facebook. And there’s Twitter. Oh, and Instagram and Pinterest. Did you know that you can connect with us through all of these? If you’re one of our devoted blog followers, you get the unique advantage of hearing a more in-depth look into the workings of PetSafe. We talk about new products, share funny moments that we’ve experienced with our own pets and sometimes you’ll even see a post from a pet’s perspective on life. Our blog is fun. And so is our social media presence.

Let’s start with the holy grail of social media: Facebook. You can’t go anywhere without seeing signs to “Like” a page through this website. Well, we think you should "Like" us, too!We can’t wait to start interacting with you and your pets on our Facebook page. While other pages might have cute little facts for your day, PetSafe makes sure you get a great variety of pet posts! We try our best to put up fun pictures of our pets at the office, informational videos and interesting articles. Oh yeah, and we LOVE to give stuff away. We have photo contests and a little promotion you may have heard a bit about: Bark For Your Park! Yup, we even give away entire dog parks!

Our Twitter page is a lot of fun, too. We love to see what our followers Tweet, and we’d love to see you and your pets interacting. Our favorite things to see are photos and videos of your pets enjoying our products. This usually gets passed around the office pretty quickly. Some Tweets have even brought tears to our eyes. Well, at least my eyes because I am a sap when it comes to happy pets.

Pinterest is a great place for us to share infographics, pins to new products we are releasing and great pet wellness and safety links. Ok, I kind of like the occasional hilarious dog or cat picture to add to our “Cute and Cuddlies” board, too. It’s hard to keep my professional face on when checking this website for great pins our followers will love. I usually go through cycles of laughing hysterically, wondering how someone actually came up with an idea and crying at inspirational pet stories. Again, I’m a sap.

You may recognize this lovely lady. Yeah, I'm shamelessly promoting Sheeba on our Instagram account. You may recognize this lovely lady. Yeah, I'm shamelessly promoting Sheeba on our Instagram account!

We also have our Instagram account for great photos we’ve taken at the office and at our PetSafe events. Following our #petsafe account can be a bit dangerous though. You may become addicted to the super cute puppies, funny videos and exciting event coverage that we post.

This is another place where it’s hard to keep a professional demeanor since the pictures we see pinned are pretty adorable. PetSafe wants to interact with our users and fans. We want to see what you and your pets are up to, as well as hearing any feedback you’d like to provide. We take your comments and suggestions very seriously, and this helps us grow as a company. Why even use social media outlets if you are unwilling to take feedback? We want it. We want to be involved in creating a better bond between you and your pets. “Like” and follow us soon. We’ve been waiting for you!

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