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Sesser, IL

Location of proposed dog park:

300 S. Park St
Sesser, IL 62884

About this community:

Located less than 5 minutes from beautiful Rend Lake, Sesser is a small rural community filled with caring people! Sesser has several small businesses that the community supports. However, the most notable thing about the community of Sesser is the heart of this community. The citizens of Sesser rally behind one another and do what they can to support its town and the people within it! It’s a small town with a big heart!

Why this community deserves a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

Sesser is a town with great ambition! Citizens and leaders work together to help fulfill their goal to “Move Sesser Forward.” People strive to do what they can to see that Sesser is a thriving community in every aspect of life. Citizens and leaders work together to identify and meet the needs in their community! One of the current needs is felt by the many dog lovers and owners in and around the Sesser area. The city recognizes the need for their beloved companions to be able to play safely and have an opportunity to thrive! For this reason, they are eager to work hard to provide the best facility for that need. The partnership and overall heart of the community to support one another is the best reason to choose Sesser as a recipient of a Bark for Your Park grant!

How this community would use a Bark for Your Park™ grant:

There are quite a few ideas for a new dog park in Sesser! First, the park will provide a much-needed location for dogs and their owners to meet and socialize, providing a space for dogs to safely play off-leash. It would provide spacious running areas with natural terrain for dogs of all sizes. This park will also bring opportunities for a place to host Dog Day events in the park. This would allow different local businesses and clubs to introduce themselves and explain the services they have to offer for dogs and their humans. Such groups might include, but would not be limited to, local animal shelter/adoption services, local veterinary clinics, pet stores, groomers, dog trainers, and hobby groups. Other events planned for this park would be outdoor agility and obedience training shows. A new dog park would be a valuable asset to the city of Sesser!

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