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May 20, 2013

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Running Back Runs Free: Introducing PetSafe's Newest Training Tool

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research

pendant remote trainer Emmitt, the little guy on the left, is a runner! Jessica uses the Elite Pendant Remote Trainer to communicate with him so he can get all his energy out. 

My dog Emmitt was named after the great NFL running back, Emmitt Smith.  His name turned out to be pretty fitting because he is a runner, big time.  Emmitt must be on a leash at all times, otherwise we’ll be playing chase with him for hours.  A walk with Emmitt involves lots leash pulling, choking, and more or less him walking us

Do you have a dog like Emmitt that you wish you could train to be an off-leash dog?  Or maybe there are some other unwanted behaviors your dog exhibits that you would like to change for the better.  If you are, you are not alone.  Many pet owners seek out remote trainers as a solution to their pet challenges.  

PetSafe has been working hard to ensure our remote trainers meet you everywhere you want to be with your pet, especially with our newest addition to our training line: the new Elite Pendant Remote Trainer.

Common Issues:

From our research, the two main behaviors that pet owners begin using a remote trainer are walking their dog without a leash and to prevent jumping.  These can be very frustrating issues to address and remote trainers can make consistent training as easy as a push of a button.  These and other needs and wants of remote trainer users have led the development of our new Elite Pendant Remote Trainer.


Our product tests have also shown that the majority of pet owners use their remote trainers on a daily basis.  The PetSafe Elite Pendant Remote Trainer is perfect for training, is a quick charge, and has the added convenience of charging via a wall outlet or USB.

New Round Probe Design:

We hear from our consumers that their dogs get happy every time their owner puts their training collar on them because it means they are going somewhere.   We love that!  We also hope your dog will recognize and appreciate the new Elite Pendant Remote Trainer that features our newest innovation in the receiver design.  The collar features unique round probes which offer greater comfort for longer wear but also lets owners customize the collar to match their pet’s personality.  So if I want to add a Dallas Cowboys collar to Emmitt’s wardrobe, the pendant will fit perfectly!

Sleek Remote:

PetSafe didn’t forget that people like great design too.  The Pendant Trainer features a slide remote design which is light, sleek, and about the size of cell phone.  The slide design also functions to protect the remote buttons from ever getting accidentally pressed if in a pocket or purse.

Whether you are like me and you just want to enjoy a stress-free walk with your pet, you want leash-free control at the dog park, or stop your dog from jumping on the guests; you can train your dog comfortably and in style with our Elite Pendant Remote Trainer.  You may just be the “bark” of the town with a well-behaved and stylish pooch.  That is, if Emmitt and I don’t beat you there!

What is your favorite thing about your remote trainer?

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