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April 24, 2012

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Premier’s Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Are you ready?!   I’d like to invite all fans of Premier Pet Products to participate in a special challenge! In this week’s blog, I’d like to challenge each of you, our faithful readers, to find one snapshot listed in Premier’s Scavenger Hunt!

The snapshots should be provided in the form of a photograph. If your photo is selected to appear in next month’s scavenger hunt reveal, you will win a prize!

The rules are:

  • Only one snapshot may be submitted per person.
  • Your snapshot must be submitted by May 14th.
  • All submissions must be emailed to
  • The photo you submit must belong to you or you must have permission to use it.
  • Any questions about the game should be left in the comment section of this blog so that it may be answered for everyone to see.
  • You agree that the photo may be published on Premier’s blog, Tales About Tales, and the Facebook page of Premier if it is chosen as a winning item.
  • Please include a description with your submission, such as the pet’s name, breed/ your name, etc.  

We will select a winning photo for each snapshot listed below and will post the winning collection in a blog next month! Remember to get creative and most of all have fun!


Premier’s Scavenger Hunt

Snapshots to find:

-          Two pets of a different species that  look alike.

-          A small dog with a big attitude, wearing a jacket. This item has been found!

-          A Squirrel Dude on vacation – lying on the beach, water skiing, at a fancy restaurant, etc.

-          A cat playing with a Funkitty toy.

-          A pet of any kind playing with 3 or more attached Linkables.


      We can’t wait to see what you can find out there!  Good luck and have fun!

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PetSafe® Guest

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