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PetSafe® Training Products Can Get Your Dog on the Way to His Best Behavior

March 4, 2019

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PetSafe® Training Products Can Get Your Dog on the Way to His Best Behavior

Barking, peeing and pulling

Sometimes they bark up the wrong trees, pee in the worst possible places and try to pull your shoulders from their sockets.

But deep in every dog is a heart that just wants to please, and PetSafe® dog and puppy training tools and techniques can help bring the best out of your furry friend.

Our training products are well-researched and well-engineered, but your dogs will still look to you to provide the techniques, direction and positive reinforcement needed to make both your lives better.

Treats, praise and positivity will ultimately persuade your dog to meet your behavioral expectations, but our training tools can provide a lot of help along the way.

Here are some PetSafe® brand products that get the best from your four-legged family member:

Don’t say it, spray it

You can plead and yell all you want, but dogs are going to bark. It’s what they do, and often it is not only at the wrong place and time, it’s … relentless. Speaking upon behalf of your neighbors, might we suggest a dog-trainer that will take the yip out of most yappers? Our Spray Bark Collar will send a clear and safe signal to nuisance howlers that it’s time to take a break from the barking. A sensor on his water-resistant and rechargeable collar will detect barking and emit a quick burst of citronella or scentless spray from a replaceable cartridge. Even the most tireless barkers will get the point and you can get some sleep or just celebrate the newfound silence.

All aboard the puppy potty train

That pretty new puppy is a pee and poop machine. Anyone in socks or bare feet venturing into a kitchen in the morning after a recent new addition can testify, and loudly. Same holds true for anyone relieving a poor pee-stained puppy from a poopy night of crate training. In lieu, may we suggest a Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet? We call it your “backyard in a box.” Pets are drawn to its natural grassy feel, and it’s a great way to potty train a puppy. It has a removeable container for waste disposal, is easy to clean, and makes waste management an afterthought so you can focus on loving your new pup and put potty training behind him.

Who walks whom?

It’s an age-old, burning question: Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? If it’s the latter, we have the no-pull solution for you. Our specialized harnesses not only prevent your dog from taking you for a drag or dislocating your own delicate limbs, they prevent your dog from the gagging and choking – and potential throat damage – that hard leash-pulling can cause.

The Easy Walk® Harness has a unique design that directs your dog’s motion toward the side when he pulls on his leash. Since it clips to the chest, it also prevents the type of aggressive pulling that can actually damage a dog’s delicate throat area. The easy-to-use dog harness is also great for teaching your dog to heel and prevents the lunging and jumping that can startle other dogwalkers and their pets. The Easy Walk® Harness can help stop this unwanted behavior and direct your dog’s attention to you – where it belongs.

The Gentle Leader® Headcollar is another no-pull solution that works on the same principle. The Gentle Leader® features a nose loop that enables you to give a gentle tug when your pup gets too rambunctious and pulls too hard, turning his head and redirecting his attention to you.

We can point the way and provide the training tools such as those described above, but it’s up to your dog and you to find the perfect path toward a great relationship. It’ll be worth it.

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