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PetSafe® Pet Doors Provide Paths to Freedom for Dogs, Cats and Owners

April 25, 2019

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PetSafe® Pet Doors Provide Paths to Freedom for Dogs, Cats and Owners

Do you want to go about your business inside while your pet does his business outside? Do you feel bad keeping your pet cooped up inside all day? Do you want your cat or dog to have access to the great outdoors on demand?

A PetSafe® brand pet door can provide that path to freedom. Cat or dog, big or small, we’ve got the pet door you need. Cutting a hole in your wall or door can be an unnerving proposition, but we give you all the tools to be successful. We engineer modern pet entry/exit solutions that are durable, easy to install, and weather resistant. This is a DIY project that will save you time and make life more convenient for you and your pet.  Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the best pet door for your needs. The path to freedom is clear.


You want your pet to access areas that are safe and secure, and you need to have a point of entry and exit that is convenient. We have a range of options to open up possibilities: traditional pet doors, screen doors, cat flaps, or wall entry systems. Some of our doors are even compatible with sliding-glass doors.


. If you have sturdy, large dogs, we have options for sturdy, large doors. If you have pets with different needs, PetSafe® pet door solutions can even restrict some pets from use of the door. Our Microchip Cat Flaps and electronic dog door systems restrict door access to specific pets. The PetSafe® Electronic SmartDoor™ reads a signal from a special collar fob to allow access. The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap is activated via your kitty’s microchip. Both are customizable, so you can limit a wandering cat’s comings and goings.


If you have a tiny tabby, a cat flap should do the trick. If you have a big boxer, however, you might consider a Wall Entry Door with an accompanying tunnel that can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds. The doors are energy efficient and keep the outdoors outside. They can also lock to address security concerns and are available in different colors and materials to get the look you want.

While these pet door options might seem intimidating, we include detailed and easy to understand instructions with every product. We also have a wide range of videos, and our PetSafe® Customer Service representatives are available via a quick phone call should you have any questions. They want to free your pet, too.

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