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April 16, 2014

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Pet Tested, Owner Approved: The Train ‘n Praise

By Jessica Medlin, PetSafe Marketing Research Specialist

The PetSafe® Train 'n Praise™ is a reward system that uses a handheld remote and treat dispenser to positively reinforce good behavior at home. The Train 'n Praise remotely dispenses dry treats or kibble at the push of a button, and it can be used with or without an audible tone. In 2013, we conducted an In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) with pet owners looking to eliminate unwanted behaviors and help with training their dogs.

How does the Train ‘n Praise work? Rumor, the Golden, seems to be doing training well when working with the Train ‘n Praise!

Rumor, the Golden, seems to be doing training well when working with the Train ‘n Praise! Simply remove the treat dispenser and handheld remote from the box, insert the batteries, fill the hopper with your dog’s favorite dry treats or kibble, place the treat dispenser on the floor for initial introduction to your dog and begin! When you push the button on the handheld remote, the dispenser will alert the dog that treats are going to be dispensed and immediately following the alert the treats will come out.

Initial set-up should only take minutes. Even our IHUT participants said it is “simple to set-up” and “simple to use." In our IHUT, we had an even mix of small, medium and large dogs. The majority of dogs were characterized by their owners as playful along with 33% of participant dogs classified by their owners as being hyper, 5% being territorial and 5% being stubborn.

Would the Train ‘n Praise help with certain dog behaviors and training?

Barking, potty training, chasing household cats (yes, the cats would appreciate the Train ‘n Praise too!), getting into the trash, obedience commands (sit, down, place, etc.), jumping on visitors, table begging... You name it. The Train 'n Praise can assist in helping to correct behaviors and with training.

In the beginning, we found that it was important for users to use the treat dispenser to simply give treats in order to get their dogs used to it before proceeding with any other training. Throughout the remainder of the test, almost all of our participants used this product as a training tool, but also used it to give their dogs an occasional “just because I love you” treat.

Will the Train ‘n Praise work for a multiple-dog household?

Pretty sure these two cuties have the training part down pat! Pretty sure these two cuties have the training part down pat! YES! We tested the Train ‘n Praise with single-dog households and multiple-dog households and found successful results in both scenarios. If you have multiple dogs, we suggest separating your dogs for training to avoid confusion and distraction among the pack.

To begin, train one dog at a time in 15 minute sessions a few times per day. The Train ‘n Praise added more interaction between owners and their dogs, and training with this product became another bonding opportunity! The product allowed many owners (testers) to be calmer in situations when their dog is exhibiting unwanted behavior instead of adding to the anxiety of the situation by yelling at their dog or getting frustrated. And the Train ‘n Praise is quite a versatile product!

If your puppy or senior dog has frequent accidents in the house, it can be paired with our Moisture Detecting Pee Pads to act as an indoor potty training system which can be especially useful when you’re away from home.

Also, if you’re wondering what your pets are up to while you’re away, or wondering which one is the culprit of your gnarly, chewed up couch, the Train ‘n Praise can also be paired with our SocialPet™ camera and will help you train your dogs when you’re not even home.

The possibilities are vast with the Train ‘n Praise, and it’s a super portable device that can be taken basically anywhere! Participants were able to eliminate unwanted behaviors and able to teach/reinforce basic obedience commands by using the Train ‘n Praise. Overall, testers were happy with the product and expressed relief that they now have control over their dogs’ unwanted behavior and have something to help with training.

Join our testers in Happy Land (yes, this is a very real place) and snag your very own Train ‘n Praise!

We’re always looking for passionate pet owners and their furry family members to test our new products. To learn about how you can become a PetSafe Idea Partner to test products or be involved in PetSafe Research and Development studies, please visit PetSafe Labs to get started. Product testers not only get to find out about our latest and greatest, but you may even get to keep the test product (for free!) and could receive $$ rewards or other PetSafe products for testing. We look forward to working with you!

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