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March 5, 2014

PetSafe® Expert

Jessie McDowell

New Dog on the Block: PetSafe Welcomes Moose

By Jessie McDowell, Marketing Content Specialist

Moose and Jessie pose for a picture at the lake! Moose and Jessie pose for a picture at the lake! 

Moose and I are new to PetSafe. We don’t know where half of the stairwells are, we are constantly looking for the coffee and Moose even made the mistake of busting into an important meeting he definitely was not invited to. Basically, normal new kid things that we can’t wait to get past. What isn’t normal about starting our new job at PetSafe? The great perks Moose gets to enjoy! His first day he received more toys than his slacker mom has ever bought him… and that was just the first day! Since then, he has sampled long-lasting treats, lapped from the purest water he has ever experienced and has had food dispensed to him by magic when mom left him at home. He is having the time of his life, and is becoming a PetSafe product expert.

Moose explores the cool swag from PetSafe as he becomes an official dog at work!

Here are his favorite things he has tried so far: Moose explores the cool swag from PetSafe as he becomes an official dog at work!

The Busy Buddy ® Bouncy Bone™

Moose is a pretty big dog, and he usually overpowers and destroys a toy in about 4 hours. Parts are all over the yard and a new toy ends up straight in the garbage can, never to be seen again. He is also pretty picky about what he plays with. Not just any rookie tennis ball will do. Everybody has those. He likes toys that have a bounce but wants to play even when no one is home; he is a growing pup after all!

This toy kept Moose playing and chewing so hard, he didn’t even notice mom slip out the door. Now that is a good toy.

indigo™ Triple Chews™

Moose has sampled so many treats that his lanky, teen puppy body has gained some weight, and this was by far his favorite. This treat was perfect for him to hold between his paws and gnaw on without fear of any dog being able to swoop in and steal it. It had layers of different flavor that kept him interested, and made treat time an event. Finally, when he tried to lick mom in the face after, she didn’t wince from gross, meat-smelling breath. That, is a rarity.

Drinkwell ® Everflow Indoor/ Outdoor Fountain

This is Moose’s favorite invention ever. Moose is a thirsty pup, and when mom isn’t home, sometimes he runs out… or accidentally knocks over his bowl and chews it up…  This fountain can go outside and water is in there... All. The. Time. It is amazing.  And the water is clean; no more fur, sticks, grass or dirt messing up the taste of Moose’s water. At least not after he started working at PetSafe!

Moose and I are loving our new job and learning about all the fun things we can do together. He loves going to work, and I love seeing him have fun with all of the PetSafe products. We may be the new guys in the office, but we are starting to feel right at home.    

Written by

Jessie McDowell

Jessie McDowell

PetSafe® Marketing Specialist

PetSafe® Expert

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