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Improving a community dog park in Savannah, GA

When you think of Savannah, it might conjure images of oak trees covered in Spanish moss, historic architecture, cobblestone squares and now, the updated dog park in Mother Mathilda Beasley Park. Adrienne Roach of Savannah Parks and Recreation says, “It’s named after the first African American nun here in Savannah. The fact that you can come and have it all in one place due to the fact that we’re the only one in the city that actually has a dog exercise park makes us a little unique.”

A place for dogs and people downtown

The park is one of the few green spaces in an urban environment, and the dog park hidden in the back is an oasis for the diverse population of dogs and dog parents that come to it. Says Edward Daniels of Parks and Recreation, “They needed a specific and a special place for the dogs to run, and that’s how this came about, and it’s served the community well.”

How a Bark For Your Park™ grant helped improve the dog park

While many updates were made to Mother Mathilda Beasley Park over the years, the dog park within was often overlooked. Thanks to an improvement grant from the PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ program, the dog park received upgrades to provide a better experience for local dogs and dog parents. “Having a shady space for dogs and their owners to have some reprieve from the sun was important. We also got some new picnic tables and a (doggie) drinking fountain, and we bought a bunch of toys and threw them in here for the dogs,” says Holly Holdsworth of Parks and Recreation.

Bringing the community together

You can tell by the wagging tails that the dogs are very happy about the improvements to the dog park. And when we asked the local dog parents about the park, they were just as enthusiastic. You can read some of what they had to say below or watch a video about the dog park’s impact on the community 

“Everybody comes down to the same level at the dog park. We’re all just doggie parents, and I’ve made many friends.” John – Pet Parent

“I feel that the dog park has a great impact on the community because it benefits the dog owners to be able to let their dogs off-leash to run and play.” James – Pet Parent

“I think it’s incredibly important to have this park here. It’s a great way to make everyone feel comfortable and get a piece of Savanah to call their own.” Anna – Pet Parent

Ready to build or update a dog park in your community?

In keeping with our tradition of helping communities become safer, happier, and more welcoming places for pets and their people, PetSafe® launched a new Bark for Your Park™ grant contest for 2022 and is accepting submissions through June 30. If you have a place to build a dog park or need to sustain an existing one, you can learn more about us and how to enter your community for an opportunity to win a grant 

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