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March 21, 2012

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Here Comes the Bride… and Her Dog!

By Robin Hawn, Senior Brand Manager at PetSafe

Robin loves Buckley so much, she is including her in her wedding! Help her pick her dress below!

If you are like me, your dog is a huge part of your life. Buckley is literally my best friend (my apologies to my human friends, I hope you’ll understand). When my boyfriend Kristopher proposed marriage to me, I knew right away that I wanted Buckley in the wedding. Kris, who loves Buckley as much as I do, agreed Buckley could be a flower girl.

More and more couples are including their pooches in their weddings. In fact, Buckley will follow in the “paw prints” of dogs with parents like Gwen Stefani, Adam Sandler and many other celebrity dogs as she trots down the aisle. So maybe we are in vogue! The big question all along has been deciding what Buckley will wear. I may have thought more about her dress than my own! My mother comes of a long line of seamstresses, and she will be making Buckley’s dress.

Yet, I’m letting the PetSafe fans decide on the actual dress. The dress that is the most popular choice will be the one the Buckley wears on the big day. Don’t let the colors throw you; the dress will be made in a light blue or yellow fabric.


Glamour Girl

If you like this Glamour Girl dress the best, vote for it in the comment section below!



Frilly Fido

If you like this Frilly Fido dress the best, vote for it in the comment section below!



Bell of the Ball

If you like this Belle of the Ball dress the best, vote for it in the comment section below!


Enter a comment below to let me know your favorite of the three dresses above. I can’t wait to see what you pick, and I’m so thankful for having this big decision off my shoulders and on to yours. 

I’ll be announcing the winner on April 6! I’m also thankful to live in Knoxville where we have many dog parks. The PetSafe Downtown Dog Park will make a fantastic site for our nuptials and of course it’s dog friendly. Don’t have a dog park in your town? The PetSafe Bark for Your Park Contest is coming soon and you could win $100K for your city to build a dog park.


ABOUT ROBIN Robin Hawn is the Senior Brand Manager of the PetSafe Family of Brands for Radio Systems Corporation, head quartered in Knoxville, TN. She works to build a brand of products designed to give consumer more of the best moments they can possibly have with their pets. She has a MBA with a Marketing Emphasis, a B.A in English, and 10 years experience developing and launching marketing plans, brand strategy and PR campaigns across a variety of diverse industries. Her French bulldog Buckley typically logs the same hours at the office as Robin. She volunteers with the Most Pet Friendly Community initiative that has a mission of making Knoxville, TN the most pet friendly community in America.

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