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Global Pet Expo

March 14, 2014

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Global Pet Expo 2014

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

In case you wanted to know our booth number! In case you wanted to know our booth number!

This week the PetSafe Brand team headed south to Orlando, Florida to bask in the glow of the 2014 Global Pet Expo. The pet industry’s largest annual trade show is lush with pet products and services of all shapes and sizes.  The inspiration and excitement, the innovation and re-connections make the show a buzz of energy!

For PetSafe, we bring our fair share of excitement to the expo too. Just last year, the PetSafe Brand set a record number of products ever launched at the Expo. Our Passport® Pet Door, Train n’ Praise™ Potty Training System and Ceramic Fountains were among the 31 products that made their “global” debut in 2013.  It was a proud year for us, delivering such a wide variety of products to the market, all uniquely engineered with our consumers in mind. In fact, our consumers were closely involved in the development of the products and that made us all the more excited to make them available.

A great shot of our 2014 GPE booth!

A great shot of our 2014 GPE booth! 

In 2014, PetSafe has even more exciting progress to share with the Global Pet Expo audience, and we hope our consumers will agree. A few products that may paint smiles on your and your pet’s mugs are our colored fountains and feeders. Giving your pet the best daily care has never matched your life and home better than with PetSafe colored feeders and fountains.

What about rewarding the behaviors you love in your pets? Our Auto Trainer and Train n' Praise are two recent additions to the PetSafe product catalog that let you remotely reward your pets for their best behavior. Plus new toys, treats and more- all designed to give you and your pets more of the best moments together. Another great shot of our products at GPE.

Another great shot of our products at GPE.

As we unveil these products to our customers, we invite you to learn more about them at We hope you’ll be seeing these new PetSafe products in your local pet stores very soon.

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