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February 5, 2014

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Dogs Gone Social: My Experience with Social Pet

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

We’ve all wondered what our pets are up to while we are away. Sometimes we see evidence that they’ve been up to no good by pieces of our kitchen trash scattered around the floor. Maybe we wonder if our training has kept them from getting on the furniture. Are they sleeping all day? Running around and getting exercise? Having secret dance parties with the neighborhood pets?

Tyson was unsure about his new camera at first. Tyson was unsure about his new camera at first. There are days that I head to work before the sun comes up, and get home well after the sun has set. While we are able to bring dogs to the office, mine usually prefer to stay at home. It’s really difficult to leave in the mornings with them staring at me, almost as if they are wondering when I will be back to play. When I had the chance to test our latest and greatest system, The Social Pet System by PetSafe®, I knew it was going to be a little bit easier to leave for work each day.

After a pretty easy setup process, my Social Pet camera was ready to go!  I really thought I’d see what I expected to see. Sheeba, my disobedient princess, acting like a fool while my obedient hound mutt, Tyson, quietly watched from afar. False.

When you set up your camera via the Social Pet page, you are able to move and tilt the The camera worked out well on our entertainment stand! camera around the room from your computer or mobile device. You can take pictures with the camera that will post to your Facebook page. You have control of what friends on your Facebook account can look at your camera (even what hours they have access), who can tilt and pan, and best of all, who can give your pets a treat. Yes, you can now give a treat when you are not home with The Social Pet System by PetSafe.

I thought looking at the camera while away from home would be fun for the first few minutes or so, but I was completely fascinated by what my dogs were doing.

I’ve learned that they sleep. A lot. When they aren’t sleeping, my “obedient” dog instigates a lot of interesting behavior. The dogs know they shouldn’t be on the couch. Tyson clearly doesn’t care about this, and enjoys propping himself up on our ottoman so that he can proceed with barking at the neighborhood cat. Sheeba will follow his lead, and she apparently likes to sit up near the window to join in on the barking.

The great part about this is that I can see what kind of behaviors they are acquiring, and I can give a treat as a reward for better behavior.

So many of us want to see what our pets are up to for a variety of reasons. Maybe we miss them while we are away from home. Maybe we have trained them so diligently that we want to see if what we’ve worked hard toward has paid off. Maybe we just enjoy seeing what they do when we aren’t there. The great news is that with The Social Pet System by PetSafe, we are now able to be there for our pets even if we aren’t physically there.

Tyson started to get excited as the camera moved around the room! Tyson started to get excited as the camera moved around the room!

My absolute favorite part of this system (other than watching my dogs, of course) is being able to allow my family and friends to give a treat, take pictures and play around with the camera. We live far away from most of our family members, and this is a great way for them to connect with us, through our awesome dogs. We’ll talk about the goofy things Sheeba did during the day, or how cute it was when Tyson was rolling on the floor.

This device allows you to connect with your pets, and allows others to be able to enjoy your pets as much as you do. The Social Pet System by PetSafe will be launching soon, and we will actually be GIVING AWAY a system in our upcoming Facebook contest. Make sure to LIKE and check out our Facebook page for details in the next week, and for announcements about this great product and others by PetSafe!

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