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5 ways to help your dog navigate solitude at the end of summer

August 30, 2019

PetSafe® Expert

Thomas Fraser

Back to School and 5 Ways to Help Your Dog with Loneliness

What’s a dog to do when most of the pack returns to school?

It’s been a long summer of romping, running, fetching and fun for many of the dogs among us, but as schoolchildren would agree: All good things come to an end.

Your pups are highly social animals, of course, and they consider your kids part of their pack. It can be a long day of waiting for human family members to return after they’ve become accustomed to all-day affection all summer. Dogs get lonely, too. That can manifest itself in many ways, including barking, whining, pacing and destructive actions like shredding your new throw pillows or those fancy retro sneakers. And most humans feel bad about their dogs feeling bad.

Most dogs know the drill, though, and will most likely reacquaint themselves with solitude soon. If your pups are the 24/7 cuddling type, here are some ways you can keep them busy in an empty house until the school bell rings at the end of the day and friendly family faces reappear:

  1. Install a pet door. If your dog has access to secure and safe outside areas, allow him to come and go during the day via a PetSafe® brand dog door . That way he can vary his schedule at will to get some fresh air, catch some fresh scents and do his business -- one less thing pet parents have to worry about when they leave their furry friend at home during the day.
  2. Dig into doggie daycare. People put their children in daycare all the time, so why not put the pups in doggie daycare or dog camp a few days a week? They’ll have lots of company and have fun with a friendly pack while your children are at school or you are at work. PetSafe® Village, for example, has a variety of programs designed to entertain and enrich your pup during the day.
  3. Try treats and toys. Treat and puzzle toys can keep your dogs occupied for hours and keep their minds off their absent loved ones. PetSafe® brand dog toys like the Ribinator keep pups occupied for hours and have the added benefit of cleaning canine teeth and giving jaws a workout. Other dog toy options to calm dogs in your absence include the Ricochet, a great pair of interactive dog toys that will keep multiple pups engaged for hours.
  4. Feeders and fountains. There’s no bigger trigger for guilt than arriving at work and realizing you forgot to fill your friend’s bowl with water or kibble. PetSafe® brand automatic pet feeders and pet fountains can ensure your furry family members never miss a meal and stay well hydrated even on the hottest summer days.
  5. Grow your family: There are always pets in need of a home, and dogs can bond with other dogs, cats and birds. Dogs and horses can pal around, but you’ll definitely need a dog door to facilitate that friendship.

So, what do dogs do when their pack is away at work or school? They think of you. They want to be at your side for all time. They want ---


The pack is back.

Written by

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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