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5 tips for holiday travel with your pets
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November 22, 2019

PetSafe® Expert

Thomas Fraser

5 tips for holiday travel with your pets

It’s almost time for holiday travel, and that means packing up the family – cats and dogs included -- to head over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house. While your pets can’t articulate the question, they’re surely thinking it: Are we there yet?

Holiday travel can be a hectic hassle. PetSafe® is here to help you smoothly deliver your furry family members to the destination, even on the foggiest of Christmas Eves. Here are some pointers and products to ensure you are empowered to help your pets have a terrific Thanksgiving and a cool Yule.

  1. Assess your pet. Make sure your pet is up for the journey. Travel can be a stressful proposition for humans and even more so for our pawed pals if they lack the temperament or health to make a successful trek. It might be best to leave your kitty at home in familiar territory, according to the National Humane Society.
  2. Get organized. Before you depart your home, make sure you have all of your pets’ vaccination documents and other health records. Don’t forget toys, bedding, food and water, bowls and waste bags. A Travel Organizer Kit is a great way to keep your doggie’s ducks in a row. A car dog bed can double as a sleeping pad in hotel rooms or the home of a friend or relative.
  3. Safety first. If a car is going to be your primary transportation, make sure your dog is secured in a booster seat or dog safety seat or behind a dog barrier. You never know when he might move in for a front-seat kiss and that might not end well. A pet vehicle ramp can help a dog enter and exit your vehicle with ease and save wear and tear on his – and your – joints during potty breaks. Car seat covers can help keep your car clean for the duration of the journey. Cats should be kept in a carrier to ease their anxiety -- and prevent a lapful of claws.
  4. Pet-friendly skies. If you want to wing your way away – and dodge Santa’s sleigh -- many airlines have pet-friendly policies. For instance, American Airlines pet policies allow you to carry on a pet if the combined weight of the animal and carrier is less than 20 pounds. You can also check your animal with baggage if he or she is in an appropriate carrier. Additional fees apply for pets on most airlines, and restrictions apply. Many airlines won’t allow flat-faced dogs or cats to travel as cargo because of potential breathing issues. Also keep in mind that quarantines are required in many countries reached by international flights. Even in the U.S., Hawaii requires a 30-day quarantine. Check ahead with specific airlines to avoid any unpleasant surprises before showing up at a crowded airport with your pet. Here’s an overview of airline pet policies from a third-party source.
  5. Room at the inn. Nobody wants to stay at the heartbreak hotel, especially at Christmas time, so if you pine for your pets while traveling, consider options for either upscale or low-cost lodging with your cat or dog. From Aloft to Motel 6 and options in between, there is room at the inn for your furry friends. Several websites maintain lists of pet-friendly hotels, but it is best to contact the front desk before arrival. Additional fees may apply. Make sure you travel with all the pet essentials, including disposable litter boxes for your feline friend.

These PetSafe® pointers can ease your holiday travels, and these products also make great gifts for the cats and dogs in your life. Happy trails, happy tails, and happy holidays from PetSafe®.

Written by

Thomas Fraser

Thomas Fraser

PetSafe® Brand Copywriter

PetSafe® Expert

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