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5 Safety Tips for New Pet Parents

May 4, 2018

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5 Safety Tips for New Pet Parents

If you think being the parent of a newborn baby is difficult, think again. Pets are men, women, children, and aged - basically everyone's best friend. What would your life be without your pet dogs' wiggling tail or your pet cats' snuggles? Pets make our lives better in every way possible, but taking care of one can be more difficult than it seems.

This article will be a guide for the new parents who have recently taken the huge step of welcoming a new member home. Read along to find out exactly what steps you can follow to provide your precious ones with a safer and better upbringing.

1. Go Easy from the Start: -

Being separated from their real parents and siblings, your pet will not become your best friend on the very first day. They may be stressed or confused in the beginning and fearful of you.

Cats especially will require more time than dogs to adjust to you. You need to be patient and give them time to get to know you. Dogs may not appreciate you being overly friendly and affectionate too early.

Give your pet the space and time they deserve to get them more accustomed to you and their new home.

2.  A Pet-Proof Home: -

If you are the proud parent of a new four-legged friend, you can start by making your house pet-proof. Being new, they will definitely explore your house.

Keep your belongings safe by hiding your shoes; removing electrical wires from their reach, removing toxic household objects, keeping the food out of sight, securing your cupboard and drawers and always keeping the house garbage cans clean.

We know how much a dog loves chewing household objects and a cat pawing furniture. Providing your new cat with a scratching post is a good option to avoid scratch marks around the house. Get your pet dog soft toys for nibbling and chewing.

Pets are playful by nature, so make sure you do not leave them alone in the house in the first few weeks. You may come home to find them sad or them finishing all their treats.

3. Food and Nutrition:-

When it comes to being a new pet parent, giving your pet the right type of food is of utmost importance.

If you just brought home a new puppy or a kitten; their diet will be different from older dogs and cats. The vet can suggest the best diet options for your new pet.

Basically, pets should have a balanced diet comprised of foods rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Your new pet cat should not be given much food in the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours as it can cause diarrhea in cats due to stress.

Remember, clean food and water bowls for your pet and a clean litter box for cats are extremely necessary.

Cats and dogs love their special treats too.

4. A New Pet’s Safety: -

A new cat will have the tendency to escape in the first few weeks. Make sure to keep a close eye when opening doors to the outside and the windows closed.

While taking your new pet dog for a walk, he may have the tendency to run. There are many types of leashes and no-pull solutions available and buying one is necessary.

Naming your pet is obvious, but getting a collar with their names, your phone number and the city where you live is important in case they escape.

5. Vet: -

In the first few weeks and months of getting a new pet, you will have to pay visits to the vet frequently. Visits to the vet are a must.

Shots or vaccines are extremely important for a new pet to avoid infections like Hepatitis, Rabies, Para Influenza, etc.

If your new pet suffers from diarrhea or constipation, the vet can provide you with special diets.

If they are suffering from any type of discomfort, run to the vet immediately.

Looking after your new pet can be challenging, but not impossible. Make sure to take the necessary safety steps given in this article and keep your new best friend safe.

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