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April 23, 2014

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5 Quick Ways to Go Green with your Pets

 By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager GreenDogLogo1

Happy Belated Earth Day from PetSafe! The more energy we save, the more energy we can spend protecting our Earth and everything on it including, of course, our pets. In celebration of Earth Day, PetSafe offers these 5 quick ways to help you go green with your pets.

Everyone spay and neuter – Being responsible about over pet population is paramount in being a green community.  Help support your local organizations that provide pet sterilization services as a part of your contribution to pets and people in your area.

Are they still playing with those toys? – We all love to reward our pets, but you can do so in a green way with treat holding and dispensing toys that let you refresh the toy and renew your pet's interest again and again.

Reconsider your fence containmentLifestyle– if you’ve been considering adding a physical fence to your property, go green with your fence instead. Avoid costly lumber or other material and go for an in-ground or wireless fence from PetSafe.

Truth about pet doors - Many homeowners think adding a pet door to their home will increase their energy bill when in fact they tend to lower it. Reducing the number of times per day that energy is lost through opening and closing your house door by adding a pet door can really help your green efforts.

If extreme weather is a concern, look for a dual flap system to give greater insulation. When paired with an in-ground or wireless fence, a pet door gives pet owners a full “green” solution while give pets freedom to enjoy their green space too.

Hit up a dog park – 121813_Ark-Dog-Park03get out and enjoy green places together, like a dog park. If you don’t have a dog park near by or know of a community you’d like to help protect green space such as building a dog park, nominate your community for our Bark for your Park contest. Dog parks provide a way for pets and people to enjoy precious park area with fellow pet lovers. Dog parks help reduce the number of pets that are surrendered to shelters which helps preserve civic resources for other green efforts. We like sharing this beautiful world with all of you. Take a moment to make a change with your pets that will help preserve our earth for the next generation of pet lovers.

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