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Wireless Fences

I bought this product six years ago with two Newfoundlands. When it arrived, I read the info and I was worried it would not contain such large dogs. I called the manufacturer and they were so nice to me. They said "set it up and try it and if it doesn't work, you can return it". As I said that was over six years ago. We have moved once and the beauty of this product is such that you can take it with you wherever you go. I can't say that I never regretted a purchase much; however this is one time that a product out performed its duty!
- Sharon, Serrills Ford, North Carolina

This product allows me (Disabled Vet) to play with my 82lb German Shepherd without having to chase him down when he gets a whim. He gets exercise, patrols the wooded area around the house(big plus for me),chase the deer, and makes his presence known to unwanted guest. I can take it to relatives house when he needs a baby sitter and they like the fact that he has a boundary. Many of my relatives are in the process of getting the system now. Enjoy!!!!!!
- Peachmee1, Palmetto, GA

I love this product and it is very effective. I got this product for my Husky who was extremely stubborn. Not only does the product keep my dog in the boundary but it has taught him discipline. Now I have a second dog and it was so easy to get a new collar. The only thing I would say is that the replacement parts are quite pricey. Overall it is a wonderful product!
- Kesha, Tazewell, VA

This unit is great. I have a 1 year old Goldendoodle and he weighs 80 lbs. I set up the flags, turned the base unit on and put the collar on the dog. I walked him around the flag line and let him cross the flag line. He got a correction zap and went back inside the safe zone. 3 months later, he's only gotten maybe 2 corrections. if he starts wandering past the flags, the audible warning tone is all he needs to bring him right back into the safe zone.
- Jamie, Richmond, VA

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In-Ground Fences

I wasted too much time with cheap fixes when I should have just got this system. I would recommend this to anyone.
- Ryan the Relieved

This is a great product if used as directed. I have had the system installed for over a year now with absolutely no issues. In fact, because I took the time to train my 4 year lab mix properly after the fence was installed, I rarely even turn the transmitter on anymore. He learned the boundaries quick and after 1 escape attempt he definitely knows what parts of the yard are his. I now leave him unattended in the yard with no worries. Training is the key to happiness with the system and it only takes 10-15 minutes a day for a few weeks. The system is easy to install using an edger attachment for a weed trimmer to bury the boundary wire. The system is also very versatile. With an extra amount of wire you can always re-route the boundary or add new exclusion zones such as I have this year for my garden spot. I caution you to "re-train" your pup if you change his boundaries. Overall I am extremely satisfied. If you have a very large yard, kits are available with heavy duty wire in longer lengths for about the same price.
- Pooch's Pal, Alabama

We are on our 3rd year with the system and are replacing the collar for the first time. As many times as my kids or I have dropped it and tossed it around, I think 3 years is great!!! We have a 14 pound poodle/maltese that would NOT stay in the yard because he wanted to play ball or chase bikes with the kids when they left the yard. The "shock" on level 2 is all we need. It’s more of a static electricity feel like when you go down a plastic slide on a cold day. Yes, I tried it. The beep reminder tone is all my dog now uses. He does not leave his area. If he chases something too far the beep will remind him and he will quickly react. He hasn’t left the yard unattended since we installed it! We also bought the [Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter] for the system. We use it when we go on vacation. It helps to keep him away from the front door of the rental when we leave, without it he scratches the door waiting for us to return.
- Owner of a safe and contained dog!

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Training & Behavior

Remote Trainers

I have gotten sooo many compliments on these collars and people are so amazed how well behaved my Jack Russells are considering their breed behavior. They're balanced, obedient, and get to enjoy our hiking trips, leash free! Another bonus to owning the remote trainer is Customer Support that comes with it. Remotes are going on 3yrs and when the time comes, you can bet I'll replace without hesitation!
- Anytime, Anywhere, Colorado

This is an awesome product! Our golden is sweet as can be, but she can be too much for our 4 year old girl. This not only keeps her in line, but it keeps her from counter surfing and jumping, too. Definitely worth the money.
- Holly GoLightly

I have had this for over a year. My Golden is a VERY active swimmer, this collar see's water every day since I have bought it for long periods at a time. 1-3 hrs a day. I did loose the charger when I moved and am having trouble finding a replacement one[...]A clip type collar would have been much easier to put on and off since it needs to be charged every couple of days.
H- ank

You have to learn to turn [the battery] off during bedtime, and when you’re not home. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks maybe longer and it’s still going. My dog used to be the worst dog out of his two sisters and him. Now he’s the best dog. Listens incredibility. Doesn't run off. Can be at the dog park with no leash. My life is so much easier and non-stressful. Would recommend this product to any dog owner.
- Jenna, West Bloomfield, MI

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Bark Control

We have a Beagle, now 2 years old... We bought this collar after trying other methods when she was about nine months old and it is PERFECT. Far superior to anything else we had tried… We take her everywhere we can with us and people remark how well behaved she is. She is the joy of our lives. She only wears it when there are conditions where barking will be a problem… AND we are with her.
- Bob, Ventura, CA

My husband received this as a Christmas gift from our son. Our neighbor has 6 to 7 large nonstop barking dogs and placed their kennel very near to our property line. We have complained about it for years...we can't even enjoy our backyard in the summer! We placed this unit out the day after Christmas. While it doesn't eliminate all the barking, it is a truly remarkable improvement! I would recommend this to everyone!
- pjean1, OH

This product is great. I use it indoor and out to stop my dog from barking. The first time my dog barked with it on, she stopped immediately. I brought it to a neighbor for her to see how great it was. The dog next door barked and then stopped immediately and ran away. This is such a great product.
- Mom Looking for some quiet time, Pawtucket RI

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Pet Proofing

After fighting with our two naughty and very spoiled dogs about staying off our leather couch I found the Scat Mat. It is worth every cent. It obviously works great. I haven't found one hair on the couch since we put it to use. I thought initially it was a bit pricey, but after using it for over a year now even my husband agrees it was a great purchase. I'm getting ready to order a medium sized one now to protect the matching chair in the same room. The dogs have decided it's just as comfortable as the couch!
- Mel, Alexandria, MN

We use the ScatMat at our front door to deter our dogs from bolting when company comes. Works like a charm. After 4 years it's quit working--the dogs know it, and tried to get out today. It's worth every penny to keep our dogs safe inside. They completely respect the mat--it does my "correcting" for me. We've used it other places, too, for temporary behavior modification. Doesn't hurt--we've touched it on high--but it does give a jolt you don't want a second time. :)
- Val, Plano, TX

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Harnesses, Leashes, & Collars

Thank you! I can now take a nice walk with my 2 year old Lab Mix. Pepper gets so excited when she sees other dogs and people that she would constantly pull. I have tried other methods to prevent her from pulling with minimal luck until the Easy Walk Harness. I cannot believe how quickly it worked. I am spreading the word. Great product!
- Kathy C.

Thank you for this harness. We have a German Shepherd that I walk daily…or should I say, I let her walk me. The doctor said ZoeyEtta’s pulling me highly contributed to a rotator cuff and bicep repair on my right shoulder on March 1, 2010. Ouch. After my injury, I knew I had to find another way to walk my dog. We both love our daily 2 mile walks, and from previous experience, I knew that she would do better with a harness than a headcollar. I had seen the Easy Walk Harness before, and liked how it hooked to the front of her chest, so I got it. She is a new girl on her walk. I just loop her leash up in my left hand, hold it to my side, and off we go. It is absolutely a miracle…it's like we have a different dog. Acclimation? The first walk was all it took. Again, thank you so much. This is the best harness I have ever gotten, and I've tried many with her.
- Alice and Troy S.

I have bred, raised and shown several Great Danes in my life, and recently got the biggest Great Dane I have ever had, at almost 2 years old. She hates leashes and would not obey me at all. She was constantly jumping, so I went out and bought 2 other types of head collars, which did not work. I was not sure if it was the lead, or myself handling improperly. However, today I bought your headcollar with DVD and they are both a god send. The other head collars did not have the clicking mechanism on the bottom, which definitely helps with control and keeping her from jumping. The DVD taught me the correct commands and the correct fitting techniques. I just wanted to thank you very much for this headcollar and DVD, as my Great Dane is now a great companion to have around.
- Linda

Your [KeepSafe] collar has saved my Ridgeback from serious injury 3 times in her 3 years - 2 times while playing rough with other dogs, and once while climbing up and sniffing around a nursery tree box - the collar caught on the corner of the wooden box fast, but allowed her to get away. I cannot thank you enough for making this invaluable product - I recommend it to everyone.
- Lindsay T.

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This is a really great high quality door. It is very well engineered. It is easy to install and very adjustable to fit any sliding glass patio door. The door lock they use for locking your door is a window lock and does not leave much room for drilling holes. I would have no real reservations buying this door again, it is very good!
- Dan & Pat, Indian Land, SC

I have owned my satin medium panel now for 6 years and I am just now having to replace the flap! Having two active Bichons one medium one small in frame, this door is fantastic for the girls they love having the come/go access when then fenced back yard calls. Even dogs who have come to visit who have never used the door it only takes a few times following my girls through it for them to learn. I love being able to move it to the screen door track during the summer months and the heavy door come spring/fall. Wintertime I have to remove the frame here in WI due to the breezes that like to sneak in no matter how good I think I have it sealed up between double patio doors. Just wanted to say I love LOVE this product saves having to get up and down all the time when the weather is nice for letting the girls outside, especially since I've had 3 failed back surgeries and up down is not always comfortable for me so it saves us all in ease of use! Thank you again!
- Linda Lee, BichonMom, Wisconsin

Installed door May 2005 and this is the first flap replacement. My cats use this about 50 times a day--in and out to a screened in lanai. After 5 yrs of use, it no longer seals well, but I consider this a pretty sturdy product. Well worth the purchase, otherwise the cats would make us crazy with the constant going in and out.
- Kakora, Rotonda West, Florida

This could not be easier! I just replaced for the first time and found it very simple to do. I only had to undo one screw, pull down the aluminum strip that holds the flap, slip the old flap out, slide the new flap in, put the metal strip back into the top of the door opening and install the one screw. I love home projects that take less than two minutes!
- Pug Girl, Franklinton, NC

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Daily Care


I purchased the Drinkwell Pet Fountain and it is now the only thing my three cats will drink out of. I purchased it because one of my cats had severe kidney failure and it has drastically improved his health and quality of life. It has also stopped my other cat from jumping on the counter and crying for me to turn the sink on. We love the Drinkwell and would recommend it to everyone.
- John & Cassandra H., Maryland

I purchased one before and decided to get another for the first floor of the house. Among my cats, I have a blind cat and she can hear where the fountain is and thus, drinks more water. Blind cats are known for being poor water drinkers, as cats don't like accidently dipping their nose in water. The Drinkwell is a wonderful product that my cats absolutely love!
- Katie B., Yorba Linda, CA

After a painful experience with UTI and bladder crystals, our vet told us our kitty would need to be fed prescription diet for the rest of his life. What a bummer. We heard about the Drinkwell Pet Fountain and invested in it for our kitty's health. Our kitty started drinking copious amounts of water, no prescription diet necessary! I am now a big advocate. Who would want to drink out of a dirty, stagnant bowl anyway? The filtered, aerated water from the Drinkwell is fresh and great.
- Caleb R., California

Somehow I suddenly had 5 felines in my possession. They love the two fountains that I purchased. They will even come get me if the fountain is turned off and meow until I turn it on. They also let me know when it is running low. For them, I am saying thank you for the fountains.
- Betty B., Oregon

I got the Drinkwell fountain for my Birman and she absolutely loves it. I had previously tried the cheaper other named fountain and ended up giving it away. Yours is absolutely the best and I am consistently recommending your excellent product to all my friends all over the U.S. that love their furbabies.
- Kathryn H.

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I love this pet feeder. I had purchased two other pet feeders before this one and had to return them because my cat was able to break into them within 5 minutes. By the way, the other two were more expensive but the quality of the other two feeders was sub-par. I have had this pet feeder for over a year now and it has been life changing. Our cat has to be fed throughout the day on a special diet and this pet feeder has made it so easy and convenient for me. Also I have been able to cut back on how often the pet sitter comes now, which is saving me a ton of money. We have been able to do overnight trips without worrying about rushing home to feed our cat. Great product! I highly recommend getting one.
- Mandy2k3jk

I bought this product to feed my cats when I am out of town. I tried a few days before I left them to make sure that it worked properly and was very pleased. I loved being able to leave them and know that they were getting fed regularly and not overeating from being left more food than they needed. Now I use it to feed my cats regularly and keep them on the diet the vet recommended. Its great! My only complaint is that with only 5 compartments, your limited on how many days/feedings you can use it. I feed my cats twice a day, so if I stick with that schedule I can only leave them for 2 days.
- DonnaK

Feeding 5 cats and making sure they eat the same amoung of food everyday is quite a challenge. Reproducing there eating pattern is impossible to achieve when you work. A cat can eat small portion 10 times a day ! I decided to study automatic feeders and I finaly bought the 5 meals feeder. I was terrified to buy them (5x) and that my cats would find a way to brake in ! They have been using the feeder for a month now and have not find a way to access the next meal. Too bad I do not have time to add a video ... It would have been nice to see the 5 cats running to the feeders when the firt one is rotating. Priceless moment.

Pros : Feeder always on time Easy to clean Easy to program Visual aspect is fine Cons : Reducing the size of the feeder would be a plus(ok i have 5 of them it takes room) Reducing the sound when the plate rotate would also be an improvement Adding a cover on the expose portion would make the 5 meals feeder a 5 meals and not a 4 meals.

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I've been through many kinds of toys (most being destroyed by Freddy, my dog!). I first tried a Bouncy Bone. Freddy keeps busy with it and tonight I went back and purchased the Tug-a-Jug! Your toys are very well made and challenging for my dog. I will be buying many more of your products.
- Mary B.

My sweet 14 year old Standard Dachshund, Mel, was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease about a year and a half ago. Her symptoms were the usual things but one day she stopped walking. Her front legs failed and she could only roll and push herself around using her back legs. It's not easy to go in a straight line that way, as you may imagine, so we were obliged to carry her around and place her where we thought she might be trying to go. One day I brought her a Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug figuring at least she'd get some activity spinning around the room seeking treats. Well, in a short time Mel was up and hopping around and has taught herself to stand and walk -- all due to the physical and mental therapy afforded by going for the "Purple Thing!" She has a style I think is quite unique. And loud. Anyone who has called me on the phone while she is playing is familiar with your product, at least aurally. At this moment I am listening to Mel yell at her Purple Thing as she pushes it and pulls it and whacks it into furniture to free the imprisoned treats.
- Pearl T.

I just bought the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone for my new puppy and it is amazing! It has kept her entertained for the past 2 hours! Thank you for sparing my hands from her little needle teeth.
- Melonie W.

I would like to take the time to thank you for your products.I am confident in your products and recommend them to pet owners all the time. I work for a vet tech and I've also started my own dog and cat rescue group. These toys help us so much! We deal with mostly pit bulls and your toys are very tough. The dogs are entertained for hours. For a rescued dog, a lot of the time a simple toy is worth a million bucks! Thank you and keep up the excellent work!
- Sonya Schuler, CVT, Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue

We have had dogs all our lives and we’ve been through hundreds, possibly thousands of toys. Squirrel Dude is by far the best toy we have ever bought. Jake, our standard Poodle, lives for his squirrel. You may know that standard Poodles are retrievers, water dogs, and chronic ‘mouthers’. They have to have physical mouth contact with you when they greet you so, as puppies, they are taught to greet you with a toy in their mouth. Jake’s medium Squirrel Dude is perfect for all his needs…greeting, retrieving, chewing, and playing in the pool. Even as tough as he can chew, Squirrel Dude has held up! Jake loves it, really loves it. It is a rare moment to see him walking around without his ‘dude’. We will buy several so he never, ever has to be without a Squirrel Dude. Thank you for this superb line of toys.
- Linda D.

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Litter Boxes

I've had mine for more than 6 months. 3 cats and I've never had an issue. It's quiet as can be and no sticking, noises, things stuck or anything. With my cats, I've been through every product out there. No rakes to get stuck to. No jamming, no taking the whole thing apart to get the stuff that gets stuck in the track with the gears like the other main competitor. No special trays to buy either so very economical. Always keeps it clean without getting stuck. No sticking. My cats had no problem getting used to it and it's so quiet - you can't hear it. I don't know about others issues with litters mentioned - we've always used America's Best cat litter so that is what we still use with this and we've never had a problem. I definitely recommend this system.
- cat lover, Massachusetts

I have a fastidious male who would use the litter box once and then use the floor, no matter what type of box I tried. It has been five weeks since I purchased the Simply Clean and no more messes on the floor!!! I was ill with bronchitis for two weeks and it was even easy to deal with during that time!
- Silverpotter, Albuquerque, NM

I had 4 cats when I bought this. Now I have 5. I have big cats, 3 of them are over 15#. This litterbox was the GREATEST thing ever!!! This was my only box for about 9 months and 5 cats. I would watch my 2 youngest cats trample all over that arm like it was meant for them to jump on. The cats took to it fine. I left it running all the time. My husband had to fidget with it a few times as the rake would stop moving and what not. But again, I had 2 of 5 cats that had a party on this thing all the time so it really took a beating… I have tried the littermaid before and that lasted only about 3 weeks. Anyway, great find. I’m going to hold out and see if by chance you guys are making a larger one this year.
- Crazy Cat Lady, Chicago, IL

This litter box is for anyone that has one or more cats but beware, if you have more than two cats you will need another unit. I still keep two other cat boxes available for my cats but they are using them less. If you’re wary about purchasing this item - don't be. Buy the unit and try it but keep your litter box. Things that are electronic do break. The worst scenario is you could always bring it back, just be sure to clean it out!
- Liz, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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