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June 29, 2014

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Bark for Your Park Tips

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

There is just over a month of voting time left in the 2014 Bark for Your Park contest, and we are continuing to be amazed at the PAWsome efforts from the different finalist communities. The 15 finalist communities have proven to include a lot of incredible participants who have worked day and night to help the community to win a dog park. Wherever your community ranks on the Bark for Your Park leader runboard, know that the contest can shift at any moment. Here are some ways to help your community become Top Dog in the contest. 

7-Vote Sniff Outs

We will post a clue every Friday through July 25th that will give each voter a change to win SEVEN extra votes in the competition that week. Yes, you read that right. SEVEN extra votes! You will simply go to the Bark for Your Park website and make sure you are logged-in on the Friday of the sniff out. Once you are logged-in you will then go to for the clue that will pop-up. Follow the clue to the page with your answers, and then we’ll give you a little quiz. Once you answer correctly, BAM! 7 extra votes are all yours. You’ll even have the option to sign-up for a chance to win one of 15 of that week’s products. How easy is that?!

Rally the Troops!

Have you spread the word about Bark for Your Park? Don’t assume that everyone in your community knows about the contest. Find neighbors, family members and friends and let them know how to sign-up and start voting. Voters do not have to live in your community, either. Does your mom bring her dog to your house when she comes for a visit? Tell her to help your community win and dog park and have her sign-up! Getting more people to vote can be as easy as just asking a simple question: Have you barked for our park? B4YP1

Share, Share, Share!

Are you on Facebook and/or Twitter? What is stopping you from sharing our Bark for Your Park status updates, or from creating your own reminders? A simple one you can always share is, “Bark for Our Park!” with a link to the contest included. Getting the word out can be as simple as a few words and the click of a button. Show pictures of your dogs to others and ask for the support in getting your park. People love pictures of dogs… we would know! We share them all the time.

Host an Event

Now who wouldn’t want to throw a party? Get to know your neighbors and host a block party. Get your neighbors to sign-up and vote while you’re enjoying some BBQ and not-so dog-friendly concoctions. Talking about the contest is a great ice-breaker. You can also check with your local pet supply retailers to see if you can hand out fliers, host voting stations or hand out your nifty tear sheets that were included in your city’s finalist kits.

We are so excited to see the enthusiasm and participation in this year’s contest. What has your community done to get more participation? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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