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March 26, 2014

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Spring into Family Adventures

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist

Tyson attempts to be just as interesting as the toy dog. Tyson attempts to be just as interesting as the toy dog.

If you’re a new parent, you probably have friends who have been through this all before. Some of us have those friends who seem to be superheroes when it comes to balancing a human and furry family together. You know, the people who just always seem to have it all under control?

For the realists out there, going on family adventures with your children and fur-babies can be a daunting task as opposed to a pleasant day out. So where can you go to enjoy a nice day of family bonding?

Dog-Friendly Patio

The Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer The Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer

Nothing puts me in a better mood than good company and good food. Living in Knoxville, we have a wide variety of patios that allow dogs. It’s all part of the great efforts to become the Pet Friendliest Community, and having dogs allowed on patios is a great addition to any city. This isn’t to say that every dog is patio ready, so make sure you are working to train your pet and socialize him well.

One great training tool that we use for our hound, Tyson, is the PetSafe® Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer. We started small, with the tone-only level, and gradually increased the static correction as needed for any behavioral issues he was having. He has done a great job with the training, and this makes it so much easier to enjoy a nice dinner on the patio with the family. The only issue we have now is that the baby likes to chase Tyson’s tail whenever he is sitting down. One issue at a time…

Community Events/Festivals

Dylan dressed as one of the dogs at the Mardi Growl parade. Dylan dressed as one of the dogs at the
Mardi Growl parade.

Family-friendly festivals and outdoor events are a fantastic way to keep the family entertained. Concerts may not be the best idea for your younger children, but this will depend on what kind of music is playing. You’re in luck if your community offers any fundraising events for pets like Knoxville.

We recently attended Mardi Growl 2014, an event that includes an awesome dog parade benefiting Young Williams Animal Center. The dogs in attendance were decked-out in colorful feathers and beads, and the children that attended got a chance to interact with all of the happy pups!

Outdoor theaters often offer fun for the whole family, but you’ll want to make sure your dogs are as entertained as you are. Toys and tugs are easy to pack in your giant family tote, and we’ve got several to choose from at My favorite for when we go out is the Busy Buddy® Ultra Sub because it keeps my dogs entertained while they try to chew on the rawhide.

The Dog Park

A great addition to any community, a dog park is a fantastic place to bring the family! Depending on the park, a walking trail is a great place to get exercise after you’ve been cooped-up all winter with the kids.  PetSafe has built quite a few dog parks in the Knoxville area that we enjoy visiting, and it gives the dogs a chance to exercise and get socialized.

This has worked wonders with having a child, as the dogs aren’t as hyper around him. Living in a city with multiple dog parks is something I am grateful for often. It’s hard to imagine a community without one, but the great thing about the PetSafe brand is that our philanthropic opportunities allow us to give away money for a dog park elsewhere! That’s right. Our Bark for Your Park contest allows one grand-prize winning community $100,000 in funds to build a park, with 4 other cities winning $25,000. Make sure to check the Bark for Your Park website in the coming weeks as we prepare to launch the 2014 contest on May 7th!

I hope you will enjoy the warmer weather with your family this season, whether it be on a patio, at a festival or at a dog park.

What are your favorite activities to do with the whole family?

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